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NOTE: Click on the thumbnails to display the full-size images

Friday's Photo Gallery

Famoso tower Famoso starting line

Welcome to the 19th annual California Hot Rod Reunion at Auto Club Famoso Raceway, aka just plain Bakersfield. Here's the veteran timing tower and the modern up-to-date starting line

Just behind the pit side grandstands is the "Grove" a

Mike McLennan AA/FD

Mike McLennan wheeling Mike Fuller's "Forever Young" AA/FD

Brendan Murray AA/FD James Day & John Weaver AA/FD

A pair of AA/FD's backing up after their burnouts, in the foreground, James Day in the "Botelho, Compston & Patterson" entry, while James Day in the "(Butch) Blair's Fugowie" reverses in the background on the far side of the track.

Brett Harris AA/FD Brad Thompson & Rick White AA/FD

Adam Sorokin AA/FD Fjallstad & Bonin A/FD

Howard Cam Rattler AA/FD Outer Limits A/FX

Shirley Shahan SS/A

Racer Brown EX

Veney's Vega A/FC

Roly & Greg Leahy NE-1

Roly & Greg Leahy NE-1

The Poachers AA/FD