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The latest update as of September 13, 2023

2023 Camping World Drag Racing Series Countdown to the Championship

The Countdown is ON

With the first of six races in the countdown starting tomorrow at Reading, PA's Maple Grove Raceway, the pressure to perform will be squarely on the drivers and crews in the PRO categories. When the "playoff" system came into being, it did eliminate the chance for a runaway season by one dominating team and created a levelled playing field for the final quarter of the season. A very good case in point is on display in Pro Stock Motorcycle, with relative newcomer Gaige Herrera 326 points in front of his nearest challenger, Matt Smith following the U.S. Nationals.

Even though the leaders in the other three eliminators have seen their leads diminished substantially, none were in a completely commanding position with six events and 24 rounds of eliminations remaining on the schedule. The graphics below show every countdown participant's points following the "reset", and these graphics will be updated at the conclusion of each race remaining in the 2023 season. Follow along and see how the lead(s) shift, racers fortunes wax and wane, and ultimately, who takes the BIG championship trophies at the end of the season. Or, as has happened before, at Las Vegas, or Dallas if the cards fall the right way for one team.

Countdown to the Championship TF-FC

Countdown to the Championship PS-PSM