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The latest update as of September 1, 2023

Dodge Power Brokers NHRA U.S. Nationals

69th annual DODGE Power Brokers NHRA U.S. Nationals

We're starting our U.S. Nationals coverage with some Super Stock shots, then move into Competition Eliminator. We'll be adding heaps more photos over the next four days, so stay tuned to this page and keep checking back regularly as we add more content.

Pete Peery - FGT/E --- Chris Hall - FSS/C

(LEFT) Even though it says Kyle Ratcliffe or DAD on the door, Drag Race Central lists this '05 Pontiac Sunfire as being driven by Pete Peery. It's competing in the FGT/E (don't ask me what that class stands for) and qualified in the upper half of the Super Stock at #52 with a best of 8.894 on a 10.00 index.

(RIGHT) One of the Factory Super Stock cars, this '18 Camaro, driven by Chris Hall landed in the #50 spot on the list with a very quick 8.637 at more than 150 mph.

Bill Zaskowski - GT/L --- Zach Running - GT/DA

(LEFT) Sportsman racers aren't always too serious (unlike their PRO counterparts). A good example is Bill "The Polock" Zaskowski, with the name on the door of his '66 Chevy II, running in the GT/L class. With a 10.053 on the 10.85 index, he was nearly eight tenths under, but only #105 on the ladder.

(RIGHT) With 139 cars entered in Super Stock eliminator, and "only" 128 spots on the ladder, some racers had to go home with qualifying. One of them was this high-flying '85 Olds Cutlass of Zack Running, who ran slightly more than half a second under his 10.00 index, with a 9.492 pass, that just wasn't able to crack the -.671 bubble.

Craig Bourgeois - A/ND --- Ryan Priddy A/AA

(LEFT) A great example of old-school dragster racing is the A/ND nostalgia dragster of Louisiana's Craig Bourgeois that runs well into the 6-second zone, with a best of 6.837 - 188.00. That placed him #21 on the list, well into the top half of the field.

(RIGHT) Defending world champion in Comp Eliminator, Rayn Priddy, ran 6.516 - 213.64 in his 2018 Camaro. The run was nearly six tenths under the A/AA index.

Brad Plourd - AA/AM --- Rick Brown B/TA

(LEFT) One of the nastiest looking cars in the category, the AA/AM of transplanted Washingtonian Brad Plourd (now residing in Alabama), wheeled the '23 T to a 6.46 - 207.30 to sit in the lower half of the very tough field of 61 cars.

(RIGHT) An orphan from the ill-fated Pro Stock Truck class, the '00 Chevy S-10 B/TA of Rick Brown clocked an 8.248 - 162.57 after this wheels-up launch. The run put him #27 on the qualifying list.

Andrew Holt - I/D --- Brian Stufflebeam A/EA

(LEFT) This is certainly a "one-off" as the turbocharged 4-cylinder Honda engine in Andrew Holt's I/Dragster cranked out a super impressive 6.505 - 204.29. That put him #3 on the ladder, nearly two thirds of a second under the 7.17 class index.

(RIGHT) One of the quicker econo altereds, the A/EA of Brian Stufflebeam pulls the wheel up enroute to a 7.297 - 180.77 in the '23 Model T roadster.

Matt Forbes - H/EA --- Brian Seibenick - F/DA

(LEFT) A rather unique looking '32 Bantam with a carbureted 4-cylinder engine, the H/EA of Matt Forbes posted a 9.199 on his 9.56 index.

(RIGHT) Running in the F/DA class, Brian Seibenick sat near the bottom of the qualifying list in the #54 spot with an 8.545 best that was barely two tenths under the index.

Steve Szupka - C/DA

One of the hard running dragsters, this one being the C/DA Spitzer-chassied machine of Steve Szupka qualifed in the #6 spot in the 61-car field with a very quick 6.920 - 190.75 best.

It';s time for the HEMI Challenge racers now, as the "race within a race" qualifies the quickest Factory Suoer Stock cars from the famous 1968 Dodge Darts and Plymnouth Barracudas. There's been some great competition within this group over the years, but with the cost of racing ever increasing, and in this case, nearing the $1 million mark to be a serious player, the ranks are starting to thin a bit. Nonetheless, there's 14 cars competing here for the serious bragging rights that go the winner.

Cleve Stewart - SS/AH

Pulling the front wheels up in a classic launch pose, Cleve Stewart clocked in at 9.048 - 146.23, well down the list from the top runners, but still looking good and running hard.

James Daniels Jr. - SS/AH --- Jim Pancake - SS/AH

(LEFT) One of the heaviest of the heavy hitters is the Ray Barton Racing Engines powered '68 Dart of James Daniels Jr.. He won this event four times in succession, from 2016 through 2019. He's aiming to get back into the winners circle this weekend and with an 8.398 - 157.65 on the boards, he's defintely in contention, starting eliminations from the #2 spot on the ladder.

(RIGHT) Sitting just one notch below Daniels on the qualifying sheet is longtime competitor, Jim Pancake, also driving a Dart. His best of 8.418 - 158.46 has him right there in the hunt for his first win in this iconic event.

We've simply run out of time this morning to properly arrange and caption the following photos, but they will be completed this evening, just in time for the next batch of photos, from today's action to start arriving.

Tim Seymour - FSS/D - '16 Camaro --- Ron Terrel - GT/LA - '88 Camaro

(LEFT) Coming all the way from San Dimas, CA, Tim Seymour's '16 Camaro, running in FSS/D broke into the 8-second zone, with a strong 8.992 on the 9.90 index. That put him #74 in the 128-car qualified field.

(RIGHT) Sitting near the top of a very long (139 cars) list, Ron Terrell's GT/LA '88 Camaro landed in the #8 position on the final qualifying order, with a best of 9.771 on the 11.05 class index.

Duane Hoven - GT/QA - '71 Maverick --- Sterling Simmons - GT/FA - '05 Cavalier

(LEFT) Running slightly more than one second under the 11.75 index, Duane Hoven pushed his '71 Maverick to a 10.740 and the 51st spot on the ladder.

(RIGHT) Another wheels up launch, as all the Super Stocks do, Sterling Simmons launches his GT/FA '05 Cavalier to a 9.353 (10.25 index), placing him #76 on the ladder.

Joel Warren - SS/JA - '98 Firebird --- Joe Tysinger - GT/NA - '87 Firebird



Steve Schneider - T/D --- Chad Taylor - T/D



Ross Laris - T/D --- Curt Fredrich - T/S - '68 Camaro



Paul Mitsos - T/S - '23 Camaro --- Andy Kronenbiter - GT/CA



Greg Kamplain - C/EA --- Brad Plourd - AA/AM



Craig Bourgeois - A/ND --- Jason Coan - C/EA



Jeff Taylor - B/AP - '08 Cobalt --- Cali Neff - J/DA



Taylor Chomiski - PST --- Christopher Menapace - T/D

(LEFT) It's a '99 Chevy S-10 Pro Stock Truck (running in Comp), that Taylor Chomiski ran to a 7.482, more than half a second under the 8.00 index, but only good enough for the #35 spot on the 64-car elimination ladder.

(RIGHT) There's got to be quite a story behind this "tribute" car, as Christopher Menapace has faithfully recreated the look of a very well known Top Alcohol Dragster from the past. With Specialty Fasteners as the primary sponsor, (Jerry) Darien & Meadows as the owenrs, and even (Gary) Scelzi on the cowl, as the driver, it's a perfect reproduction. And it certainly runs too, with a 6.197 - 223.99 pass after two rounds of Top Dragster qualifying.

Chad Taylor - T/D

Another Top Dragster, this one driven by South Carolina's Chad Taylor is precariously perched on the bubble of the 32-car field, with a best of 6.527 - 203.43 going into today's final qualifying session.