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The latest update as of August 8, 2023

52nd annual Nightfire Nationals

52nd annual NIGHTFIRE NATIONALS presented by BI-MART

All we can report today is that we made it home late last night from our Boise expedition. Twelve hours of driving through sometimes heavy rain, an hour and a half in a 10-mile long traffic jam on I-90. Then avoiding a shorter (only 3-mile) lineup at the exit to W-18, which caused us to join the afternoon rush hour parking lot known as the I-405, before fighting our way through the kamikaze commuters on the I-5. After fighting my way through that mess, it was clear sailing... almost to Port Angeles, but one more obstacle remained to be conquered. A serious traffic accident had blocked the W-101 in both directions for a considerable period of time before traffic started moving north (thankfully, my direction of travel), but the lineup of southbound cars and trucks seemed to stretch halfway to Port Angeles. When I finally arrived there, I was just in time to catch the last ferry to Victoria and reached home in Beecher Bay just after midnight. 15 hours of driving and riding made for one long frustrating, but eventually rewarding day when I was able to fall into bed and get my first full night's sleep of the past week.

So today has been a catchup day of many odds and ends, but unfortunately, almost none of them included going through the vast majority of photos from three days at the Nightfire Nationals. That's going to take a week or more to finish, but it will get done. Bit by bit, I'll fill in the blanks and add photos to the verbiage heavy content currently on this page. Remember: stay tuned and keep hitting refresh/reload each time you visit the page.