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The latest update as of April 2, 2023

Lucas Oil NHRA Winternationals

There's been a major update to yesterday's story about Bob Wilson's amazing qualifying effort at the Lucas Oil Winternationals. Late yesterday afternoon, the NHRA released an official statement which follows.

Statement of Action Against Participant

NHRA has disqualified Robert (Bob) Wilson from the Lucas Oil Winternationals for the following reasons: (1) His re-licensing application has been deemed invalid due to the signatures of deceased racers being used as witnesses to his required runs. (2) To qualify at an event, the participant must be physically present at the event. (3) The car being used in competition must also be physically present at the event.

Due to these violations of NHRA policy and regulations, his qualifying times have been invalidated, and he has been removed from the qualifying list for the event. At this time no further action will be taken against the participant.

And sadly, that's where the story ends... for now at least. Tune in again around this time next year to see if the comeback story actually comes back again.