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The latest update as of March 31, 2023

Funny Car Chaos Classic

FUNNY CAR CHAOS - Qualifying Round ONE

From a list of pre-entries that peaked at 54, there were 50 (mostly) ready to run cars in the pits at the Texas Motorplex when qualifying started on Friday afternoon for the 3rd annual Funny Car Chaos Classic. Things started a little slowly, with some breakage and three single runs before the action heated up when the first pair of nitro burners amped up the volume. But it took an NHRA Top Alcohol car, the 2022 FCC champion, Kirk Williams to break the performance ice with the first 3-second run of the weekend, a 3.674 - 209.17. That number only held for a few minutes, until another NHRA top ten runner, Kyle Smith, took over the top spot with a great 3.637 - 208.08 that held up as number one at the conclusion of the session.

Our photo coverage starts with "BIG" Bob Snyder's pics, but we'll be posting photos from our Colorado correspondent, Dale Fackler to round out the pictorial part of the Funny Car Chaos Classic story. It's going to take a while to get it all posted, especially the words to go with the pics, but stay tuned for regular updates over the next few days.

Chris Schneider - 'Brutus' --- Jordan Ballew - 'Ballew Thunder'

Robin Rish - 'Blown Retirement' --- Joey Haas - 'Nimrod'

Julie Nataas - 'Randy Meyer Racing' --- Danny Smith - 'Snafu'

Jstin Herbst - 'The Executioner' --- Alex Barker - 'Back In Black'

Levi Keenen - 'Illinois Thunder' --- Smiley Cordero - 'Maximum Overdrive'

Shane Blanton - 'Bad Company' --- Shane Blanton - 'Bad Company'

Alex Barker - 'Back in Black' --- Keith Zimmerer - 'Penny Pincher'

Ray Stringer - 'Blown Cent-Less' --- Casey Geeslin - 'The Gambler'

Michael Neal - 'Burnin' Love' --- John Hale - 'Red Baron'

Dustin Bradford - 'American Dream' --- Tony Arcuri - 'Firefighter'

Lyle Greenberg - 'Cone Hunter' --- Christine Chambless - 'Chambless Roofing'

Michael Tobacco - 'Pandemic' --- Nick Poloson - 'Bucket List'

Kebin Kinsley - 'War Wagon' --- Chuck Loftin - 'Nitro Psycho'

Chance Biffle - 'Bad Intentions --- Ronny Young - 'Blue Max'

Aaron Morrow - 'Nitro Relapse' --- Tom Furches - Made In America'

Dusty Hunt - 'Nitro Pony' --- Matt Bremher - 'Detroit Tiger'

FUNNY CAR CHAOS - Qualifying Round TWO

Diesel Dragster --- Justin Herbst - 'The Executioner' (near 
lane) vs Wayne Hofmann - 'China Syndrome' (far lane)

Doug Schneider - 'Milliken Monster' (near 
lane) vs Ray Stringer - 'Blown Cent-Less' (far lane) --- Chris Schneider - 'Brutus'

Smiley Cordero - 'Maximum Overdrive' --- Jordan Ballew - 'Ballew Thunder' (near lane) 
vs Alex Barker - 'Back In Black' (far lane)

Jeff Cameron - 'Jake's Speed Shop' (near 
lane) vs Kirk Williams - '200 Proof' (far lane) --- Lyle Greenberg - 'Cone Hunter' (near lane) 
vs Kyle Smith - 'PC Disposal' (far lane)

Levi Keenen - 'Illinois Thunder' (near lane) 
vs Chuck Loftin - 'Nitro Psycho' (far lane) --- Joey Haas - 'Nimrod' (near lane) vs 
Kebin Kinsley - 'War Wagon' (far lane)

Keith Zimmerer - 'Penny Pincher 2' (near 
lane) vs Anthony Whitfield - 'Mighty Mouse' (far lane) --- Julie Nataas - 'Randy Meyer Racing' (near lane) 
vs Doug Schneider - 'Milliken Monster' (far lane)

(LEFT Two "reformed" Fuel Altered racers faced off with Keith Zimmerer in his "Penny Pincher 02"

Ronny Young - 'Blue Max' (near lane) vs 
Mike Buchanan - 'Hombre' (far lane) --- Shane Blanton - 'Bad Company' (near lane) 
vs Shayne Lawson - 'Man O' War II' (far lane)

Randy Muller - 'Crazy Randy' (near lane) 
vs Kris Battey - 'Batmobile' (far lane) --- Chrstine Chambless - 'Chambless Roofing'

Tony Arcuri - 'Firefighter' (near lane) 
vs John Hale - 'Red Baron' (far lane) --- Tod Barker - 'Back In Black'

Nick Poloson - 'Bucket List' --- Robin Rish - 'Blown Retirement' (near lane) 
vs Chance Biffle - 'Bad Intentions' (far lane)

Casey Geeslin - 'The Gambler' --- Michael Neal - 'Burnin' Love'

Jonathan Johnson - 'Parts Slinger' --- Tom Furches - 'Made In America'

Megan Meyer - A/FD testing --- Game X-Change Jet Dragsters