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The latest update as of March 24, 2023

Funny Car Chaos Classic

3rd annual FUNNY CAR CHAOS Classic is underway!

Yesterday saw the start of the 2023 Funny Car Chaos season with a successful and well-attended test session at the Texas Motorplex. Leading the way was Joey Haas in the "Nimrod" AA/FC with an off-the-trailer 3.492 - 202.61. The e.t. was the fourth quickest ever in FCC history, but the speed of barely 200 mph indicated an early shutoff and MUCH more potential in the Haas team's tuneup. We can hardly wait to see what they can do later today in the first qualifying sessions.

There were some new faces, lots of new paint schemes, and a few notable powerplant changes. Going the centrifugal supercharger route was the "Nemesis" team, with the 2021 Rookie of The Year, Jade Cook, driving. She was running an injected nitrous-aided combination for the previous two seasons, but now she's stepping up with the boosted setup. Sporting a new look and car name was Chuck Loftin, who's gone to the "Nitro Psycho" moniker, instead of the very familiar Billy Meyer tribute-themed "Motivation". There was also a new wrap on Wayne Hofmann's car, but the same "China Syndrome" name on the side.