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The latest update as of September 24, 2022

Betway NHRA Carolina Nationals

Saturday Report - Betway NHRA Carolina Nationals

The final Top Alcohol qualifying session has just ended and there were some big moves in the dragster category. At the start of the session, the bump spot was a decent, but not great, 5.548, held by Dan Dietrich. That number was erased in the first pairing, as Jeff Veale (5.287) and Alan Bradshaw (5.295), both jumped from outside the show to the middle of the pack. The bubble then stood at 5.482. It didn't last long though, as the next car down the track, Tom Fox Jr. laid down a solid 5.420 to move the bump spot down another notch, this time to Megan Smith's earlier 5.475 effort from Friday.

But it didn't stop there, as Mick "Real Deal" Steele bumped out Smith with a 5.419, putting Fox on the bump spot. And they weren't finished yet, as the final pair of now non-qualified cars, Megan Smith and John Ausherman were out next and both fought their way into the field at 5.358 and 5.384 respectively. That ended the bump-a-thon and set the final qualifying bar at Ausherman's very good 5.384 - 277.83 pass.