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The latest update as of September 14, 2022

Mayhem On The Mountain - Bandimere Speedway - August 26 - 27

Mayhem On The Mountain

Held at Bandimere Speedway (Morrison, CO), the Mayhem On The Mountain event featured two evenings of nitro burning action, with four Funny Cars, (Keith Jackson, Lyle Greenberg, Levi Keenan & Steve Griboski), two Fuel Altereds (Johnny West and Dan Hix), and two Nostalgia Top Fuel Cars (Tyler Hilton and Michael Anderson). Backing up the fuel burners were some fast PSCA (Pacific Street Car Association) racers, a Quick 16 show, and a pair of Jet Cars.

Our photograher, Dale Fackler was able to snag some good vantage points for Friday night's action, courtesy of a crew pass from Lyle Greenberg, but as you'll see, he spent Saturday evening up in the grandstands. Still a good vantage point for some good nighttime racing. Dale also sent along the details on the racers, and some of the best e.t.'s and speeds to help us construct this report.


Keith Jackson - 'High Heaven' (near lane) vs 
Levi Keenan - 'Illinois Thunder' (far lane) --- Lyle Greenberg - 'Cone Hunter'

(LEFT) Leading off on Friday night were Keith Jackson in the "High Heaven" Camaro in the near lane versus midwest racer Levi Keenan in the "Illinois Thunder" Omni in the far lane. We don't have the numbers for these cars but they did put on a good show with flames out of the pipes.

(RIGHT) Warming up the tires with a hard burnout is Albuquerque's Lyle Greenberg in his beauitful Corvette-boded "Cone Hunter" entry.

Lyle Greenberg - 'Cone Hunter' (near lane) vs 
Steve Griboski - 'Mile-High Express' (far lane) --- Lyle Greenberg - 'Cone Hunter'

(LEFT) Pulling into the staging beams is Lyle Greenberg (near lane), while Steve Griboski in the "Mile-High Express" appears to be shut off on the far side. There's quite a story behind Griboski's new '65 Mustang-bodied car as it's a tribute to long-time Colorado Funny Car racer Jerry Green, who campaigned in the class from the 1970's until his passing in 2005. For a number of years, Griboski was the last driver for Green and now he's able to pay tribute to him with this nostalgia flopper.

(RIGHT) Leaving hard on his way to a 5-second, 240+ mph run is Lyle Greenberg. His best numbers of the weekend were a 5.83 - 246 mph, and backed up with a piston burning 5.84 - 240 mph pass.

Johnny West - 'Plan 'A' --- Johnny West - 'Plan 'A' (near lane) vs 
Dan Hix - 'Agent Orange' (far lane)

(LEFT) After the Funny Cars scorched the track, New Mexico's ageless nitro racer, Johnny West came out in his old-school style "Plan 'A'" 23-T roadster and laid down a burnout.

(RIGHT) Opposing West was Oregon's Dan Hix in the '34 Ford "Agent Orange" machine in the far lane. Getting to the finish line first with his best run of the event was Hix, stopping the clocks with a 5.89 e.t.

Michael Anderson - AA/FD

Coming up from Texas in his still new-ish Big-Block Chevy-powered front-engine Top Fuel car, Michael Anderson was the only dragster able to run, as scheduled opponent, Tyler Hilton, towed out from Ohio but was unable to make it to the staging lanes after damaging their only engine on the warmup.


Steve Griboski - 'Mile-High Express' (near lane) vs 
Keith Jackson - 'High Heaven' (far lane) --- Steve Griboski - 'Mile-High Express' (near lane) vs 
Keith Jackson - 'High Heaven' (far lane)

Having a much better evening, Steve Griboski in the "Mile-High Express" Mustang, in the near lane, laid down a great 5.92 - 240 mph on only the sixth pass on the car. Falling behind in the far lane was the Camaro-bodied entry of Colorado's Keith Jackson as the "High Heaven" couldn't keep pace.

Lyle Greenberg - 'Cone Hunter' (near lane) vs 
Levi Keenan - 'Illinois Thunder' (far lane) --- Keith Jackson - 'High Heaven'

(LEFT) Seen backing up from their burnouts are Lyle Greenberg in the near lane in his "Cone Hunter" Corvette, matched up against Levi Keenan in the "Illinois Thunder" Omni in the far lane.

(RIGHT) And it looks like Greenberg ran unopposed as Keenan is nowhere to be seen in this starting line picture.

Victoria Johnson - T/D --- Tommy Johanns - 'Pit Mat Special'

(LEFT) Victoria Johnson - T/D

(RIGHT) Tommy Johanns - 'Pit Mat Special'

Not-So-Quick 16 --- Kevin Jaramillo

(LEFT) Not-So-Quick 16

(RIGHT) Kevin Jaramillo