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The latest update as of March 28, 2022

There are still no eliminations results available from the Funny Car Chaos Classic that was completed on Saturday night - other than the qualifying sheets posted on their Facebook page. The reasons are many, mostly starting and ending with the horrific fire suffered by Ken Singleton at the close of the second qualifying session. The latest reports, via his family, are that things are progressing and he is slowly improving. Thanks to everyone who helped save his life that evening and is helping him on the very slow road to recovery.

With the lack of details, our photographer, Bob Snyder helped fill in the ladders for the various fields through his photographs. We will endeavour to fill in the blanks (e.t.'s, speeds, etc) throughout the week, but at least we know who won (and lost) throughout eliminations. One mysetry was solved this morning when we found out that the "Back Attack" car, with Alan Bradshaw's name on the roof, was actually driven by Steve Wiley. It's not a major point, but it explains why I couldn't find Bradshaw's name anywhere except on the pre-entry list.

The amount of breakage suffered over the four days (Wednesday through Saturday) was incredible. Incredbily bad and incredibly expensive, especially for a season opening event. However, the pressure to perform at a major venue, with some very fast - or at least capable of going fast - cars competing led to many of the broken engines, transmissions - and worst of all - severely damaged wallets. There will probably be a number of cars withdrawing their entries at the next race or three following the FCC Classic carnage.

We will keep updating our coverage of the event as details come in, so keep refreshing/reloading the page and the FUNNY CAR CHAOS Classic event page in the Features section of this website.