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The latest update as of July 16, 2021

Top Fuel Pro Mod

It seems like a simple enough equation: you take an 11,000 HP NHRA Big Show-style engine out of a full-on Top Fuel Dragster and plunk it in a 1953 Studebaker. Then what would you call it? How about "StudeZilla"? And that's exactly what Scott Palmer and his band of nitro loonies did. The car in question is a specially built Larry Jeffers Pro Mod chassis designed to handle about.... 5000 HP. So what happens when you double that ouput and add a little more for good/bad measure? Take a look at the following sequence of pictures and draw your own conclusions.

And if one Top Fuel Pro Mod isn't enough, then just double the fun, the excitement, the chances for some seriously disastrous mechanical carnage by adding a second car in the form of J.R. Sandlian's Chevelle-bodied BAD Attitude machine. Just line them up side-by-side, flash the ambers and let the FUN begin! Check out our (almost) exclusive coverage of this once in a lifetime (hopefully!) event here courtesy of our fearless correspondent, BIG Bob Snyder.

Here's the photos; we'll fill in captions tomorrow

J.R. Sandlian - 'Bad Attitude' --- Scott Palmer - 'Studezilla'

J.R. Sandlian - 'Bad Attitude' --- J.R. Sandlian - 'Bad Attitude'

J.R. Sandlian - 'Bad Attitude' --- J.R. Sandlian - 'Bad Attitude'




Outlaw Pro Mod Qualifying

Brandon Lewis - PM --- Wayne Roberts - PM

(LEFT) Looking great in an early 'Vette, is Brandon Lewis

PM #1963

Round One Eliminations


(LEFT) In the right lane in the '65 Mustang is Jim Roberts

(RIGHT) In the right lane is Wayne Roberts in the late-model Corvette


(LEFT In the first round of eliminations, it's Brandon Sandlian in the left lane, and Jim Roberts in the right lane.

(RIGHT) Eventual event winner Eddie Rogers in the "Chevelle from Hell"


Eddie Rogers - 'Chevelle from Hell' 
(near lane) vs (far lane) --- Brandon Sandlian - 'Junkyard Stude' (near lane) 
vs (far lane)

(LEFT) In the near lane, it's Eddie Rogers in the "Chevelle from Hell" who took an easy win and a berth in the final round when his opponent, Alton Holsted in the flaming black 'Vette (far lane) blew up BIG TIME!

(RIGHT) After a nearly one hour cleanup, it's Brandon Sandlian in the "Junkyard Stude" '53 Studebaker in the near lane, and on the far side it's an unidentified black early model 'Vette.

Eddie Rogers - 'Chevelle from 
Hell' - Winners Circle

Posing in the Winners Circle is Eddie Rogers and crew with the "Chevelle from Hell"