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The latest update as of June 13, 2021

Funny Car Chaos - Kearney - 2021

Sunday morning update

We're waiting for the photos from Saturday's final qualifying session and eliminations, but we do have the results of the race, courtesy of the FUNNY CAR CHAOS Facebook page and website.

Eliminations - Round One

In the first round there were some incredible runs in the "A" field, with two cars in the 3.70's, three more in the 3.80's, and one in the 3.90's. Closest race of the round saw Mike Newkirk turn on the winlight with a great 3.875 - 173.99 to overcome the quicker 3.861 - 189.39 of Jim Chase. Newkirk's very quick light (.025) was enough to cross the line ahead of Chase's (.049) launch. The only problem was that Newkirk took out a timing block and gave the win back to Chase.

Other highlights of the round were Ken Singleton advancing over Keith Jackson with low e.t. of the round at 3.753 - 204.26. Another of the hitters to move into the semis was Kirk Williams with a 3.756 - 204.73 (top speed of the meet) over the redlighting 3.950 - 188.33 pass of Shayne Lawson. The final winner of the round was Lance Van Hauen, laying down a 3.899 - 194.58, despite a late leave (.157 to .074) to cover Chuck Loftin's not quite good enough 4.122 - 188.41.

In the "B" field, there were two very close races that were decided on the starting line via the redlight route, as Jeff Krug went red by .007 to give the win to Steve Vang as both racers carded 4.287 e.t.'s. The other foul start was even closer to perfect as the .004 too early leave of Dave Gallegos gave the automatic win to Tom Furches. The other winners in the round were Jeff Cameron, over Chris Schneider) and Steve Timoszyk over Daniel Butherus.

The final group, the "C" field saw one car (Jordan Ballew) break before staging, and one car (Bill Naves) breakout. With the index for the field set at 4.29 (two tenths quicker than the top qualifer in that field), Naves left late (.165 to .043) then blasted through the index with a 3.938 - 183.07 that negated the winlight shining in his lane, and advancing opponent Dustin Bradford. The beneficiary of Ballew's breakage was Scott Pareso who advanced with an easy 4.739 - 147.09.

The closest race of the round for any field was between Nick Johnson who barely eked out the win over Matt Nissen. Leaving first by a .008 to .106 margin, Nissen nearly made his 4.609 cover Johnson's much quicker 4.500, but the gap at the 660' mark was .011 second in Johnson's favour. Closing the round was Andy Mears taking an easy win over a slowing Jon Reich.

Eliminations - Semi-Finals

If you thought the action was intense in the first round, it got even hotter in the semis. In the first pair of the "A" field, Ken Singleton kept things rolling with a solid 3.74 - 198 decision over Lance Van Hauen's very good 3.88 - 196 losing effort. The other pair saw an identical winning time as Kirk Williams put down a slightly better 3.74 - 204 to move into the final. His opponent in the semis was Jim Chase who posted another very good pass of 3.92 - 189 that came up short against Williams' continuing rampage through the FCC ranks.

In the "B" field, the times were identical for the two winners, as Jeff Cameron laid down a to advance past Steve Vang's good try 4.30 - 165. In the other pairing, Steve Timoszyk made his 4.12 - 176 stand up for the win over Tom Furches very close 4.26 - 164. What made that race so close was the .064 to .170 advantage for Furches at the starting line. At the finish, the margin was less than a car length.

Things calmed down somewhat in the "C" field semis, with Andy Mears punching his ticket to the final with a 4.37 - 161 win over Nick Johnson's good try 4.51 - 154. In the other pair, Dustin Bradford moved into the final, courtesy of his 4.63 - 125 (early shutoff) over Scott Pareso's second best 5.07 - 146 effort.

Eliminations - Finals

We don't have times and speeds to report for the finals, but the winners were as follows:

"A" Field: Ken Singleton over Kirk Williams

"B" Field: Steve Timoszyk over Jeff Cameron

"C" Field: Andy Mears over Dustin Bradford