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The latest update as of March 30, 2021

Nitro Madness 2021

As promised, we've got lots and lots of photos from NITRO MADNESS but it's going to take a few days to get them all sorted and captioned and posted. Yeah, yeah, same old, same old from Northern Thunder, but we are working on it now. Here's a grab-bag of stuff from Saturday night (without captions) until we can go through all the pics and put the stories together to go with them. Stay tuned!

SATURDAY - Final Qualifying Session

Kebin Kinsley - 
'War Wagon' --- Danny Smith - 
'Snafu' (left) vs Jade Cook - 'Nemesis' (right)

Chris Schneider - 
'Brutus' --- Nancy Matter - 

Justin Herbst - 'Scorpion' 
(left) vs Gary Wheeler Jr. - 'The Mistress' (right) --- Eric Eoff - 'Shazam!'

Ray Martin - 'Worsham 
Racing' --- Vic Tiffin - 'Gold Digger'

Mitch Bowen - 'Northland 
Express' --- Chuck Loftin - 

Don Knoblauch - 'Atomic 
Punk' --- Terry Totten - 'Rednecks 
'n Fuel'

Richard Hartman - 
'Wilkerson & Hartman' - AA/FA

SATURDAY - Eliminations

We're still sifting through all the pictures and going over the results so it's going to be a while before we have this all organized and captioned. Please bear with us.

Richard Hartman - 
'Wilkerson & Hartman (near lane) vs Kebin Kinsley - 'War Wagon' (far lane) --- Del Worsham - 
'Worsham & Fink' burnout

Allan Middendorf - 
'American Outlaw' burnout --- Allan Middendorf - 
'American Outlaw' (near lane) vs Ken Singleton - 'High Risk' (far lane)

Stevce Timoszyk - 
'Detroit Tiger' --- Tod Barker - 
'Back in Black' (near lane) vs Tom Furches - 'Made in America' (far lane)

Clint Cross - 
'Cross Ways' (near lane) vs Cory Holcomb - 'Black Widow' (far lane) --- Johnny West - 
'Plan A' (near lane) vs Robert Winefsky - 'Nitro Moose' (far lane)

Del Worsham - 
'Worsham & Fink (near lane) vs Ken Singleton - 'High Risk' (far lane) --- Nick Polloson - 
'Bucket List' (near lane) vs Doug Schneider - 'Schneider Racing' (far lane)

Scott Palmer - 
'Scott Palmer Racing' (near lane) vs Terry Haddock - 'Haddock Racing' (far lane) --- Bill Bernard - 
'BNT Motorsports' (near lane) vs Shayne Lawson - 'Man O' War' (far lane)

Keith Jackson - 
'High Heaven' (near lane) vs Tom Furches - 'Made in America' (far lane) --- Robert Winefsky - 
'Nitro Moose' (far lane)

Anthony Whitfield - 
'Mighty Mouse' (near lane) vs Robert Winfesky - 'Nitro Moose' (far lane) --- Bobby Marriott - 
'Shockwave' - burnout

Donny McSwain - 
'Wild One' (near lane) vs Aaron Morrow - 'Nitro Relapse' (far lane) --- Michael Neal - 
'Dixie Fever' (near lane) vs 'Black Magic' (far lane)

Joe Bush - 
Silver Bullet B/G (near lane) --- Blue Collar - 
White Trash B/G (near lane)