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The latest update as of March 29, 2021

Nitro Madness 2021

Starting with the Outlaw Fuel Altered final, and working our way up to the Funny Car Chaos "A" field, here's the final round shots to get this party started. Stay tuned for many, many more over the next few days.

Mary Reep - 'Grim Reeper' 
(near lane) vs Aaron Morrow - 'Nitro Relapse' (far lane)

The first pair out of the lanes for the finals, were from the Outlaw Fuel Altereds association, and they produced a great race, with Aaron Morrow driving the Morrow & Darby "Nitro Relapse" (far lane) against Mary Reep in the family operated "Grim Reeper". Leaving first, but unfortunately with a BIG redlight shining on her side of the tree, was Mary Reep, handing the automatic win to Aaron Morrow.

Bob Alberty Jr. - 'Thunderin' 
Okie' (near lane) vs Tom Furches - 'Made in America' (far lane)

Next up was the final for the "D" field, and it featured Bob Alberty Jr. in his beautiful "Thunderin' Okie" (near lane), who redlighted (and shutoff) away his chance against Tom Furches in the "Made in America" (far lane). Furches laid down his best run of eliminations (4.069 - 164.25) for the win.

Levi Keenen - 'Illinois 
Thunder' (near lane) vs Bill Bernard -

Moving on to the "C" field final, it featured the Plymouth Arrow-bodied "Illinois Thunder" of Levi Keenen (near lane), but his best of eliminations pass of 3.820 - 194.64 fell to the very strong 3.669 - 205.07 winning run of the alky burning "BTnT Motorsports" entry of Bill Bernard in the far lane.

Scott Palmer -

Getting down to the final two races of the weekend, NHRA Top Fuel racer Scott Palmer brought out his new Top Alcohol Funny Car (near lane), and despite improving on every run, lost traction early and shutoff to a 5-second pass, dropping the decision to Doug Schneider's excellent 3.717 - 200.12 in his "Schneider Racing" entry. The "B" field was predominantly alcohol cars, as only three of the eight cars were nitro-fuelled.

Del Worsham - 'Worsham & 
Fink' (near lane) vs Kyle Smith - 'Smith Family Racing' (far lane)

The biggest race of the weekend, between the underdog blown alky car of Kyle Smith in his "Smith Family Racing" Mustang (far lane), and the NHRA Big Show-legal blown fuel entry of Del Worsham in the "Worsham & Fink" Toyota didn't quite live up to expectations, as Worsham smoked the tires and shut off early, while Smith rang up his quickest and fastest ever 1/8-mile time at 3.614 - 211.41 for the BIG win. Worsham tried his best, pedalling to a 4.718 e.t. and coasting across the finish line at 105.87 mph.