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The latest update as of March 25, 2021

Nitro Madness 2021

Here's a few pics from yesterday's test 'n tune at the Texas Motorplex. Only a few of the cars were ready to test the track and shake off the off-season rust, but those that did hit the track were some of the best on the property. Remember, we've got heaps more coming over the weekend.

Scott Palmer - burnout --- Lynn Logue - 'Back In Black'

(LEFT) Making his first appearance at an FCC event, and checking out his new NHRA-legal Top Alky flopper, Scott Palmer warms up the tires before making a check-out pass

(RIGHT) Winding up the tires as the traction takes hold, Lynn Logue takes the "Back In Black" Firebird down track

Chuck Loftin - 'Motivation' --- Ken Singleton - 'High Risk'

(LEFT) Making an early pass, Chuck Loftin tries out the Texas traction with his "Motivation" Mustang

(RIGHT) Sporting some new sponsors, Ken Singleton crosses the starting line on the burnout in his "High Risk" entry

Mitch King - 'Bone Bucket' --- Mitch King - 'Haddock Racing'

(LEFT) We haven't seen this car or driver for quite a while, but Mitch King brought out his infamous "Bone Bucket" Fuel Altered to shake the rust off himself and the car at the 'Plex

(RIGHT) What if they held a Funny Car race and a Top Fuel Dragster showed up? While he can't compete against the floppers, Mitch King came out of a long retirement from the NHRA Big Show (since 2004) to update his license in Terry Haddock's "rent-a-ride" Top Fueler. Here he blazes the hides on his first burnout in the car

Scott Palmer - burnout --- Lynn Logue - 'Back In Black'

(LEFT) Back up for another hit, Scott Palmer blazes across the starting line in his Tommy Thompson-backed alky flopper

(RIGHT) The "other" "Back In Black" entry in the field, this one owned and driven by Lynn Logue" made a test pass

Ken Singleton - 'High Risk' --- Chuck Loftin - 'Motivation'

(LEFT) Launching hard with the front wheels skimming the surface, defending FCC Series champion, Ken Singleton tries out the Texas traction with the "High Risk" car

(RIGHT) With the Hoosier's wrinkling nicely, Chuck Loftin launches his "Motivation" Mustang in the late afternoon

Scott Palmer --- Tod Barker - 'Back in Black'

(LEFT) Scott Palmer pulls into the beams in his brand new Top Alcohol flopper

(RIGHT) Preparing to stage before a check-out pass, Tod Barker and crew line up the "Back In Black" 'Vette

Near the end of the pre-race party in the pits, there was a large banner presented to the "King and Queen" of Funny Car Chaos, two of the hardest working and most deserving of success people in the sport of drag racing, Chris & Tera Graves