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The latest update as of March 25, 2021

Nitro Madness 2021

It's happening baby! Yesterday the pits started filling at the Texas Motorplex (Ennis, TX) for what should be the event of the 2021 Funny Car Chaos season. The sun was out in the morning, cars were being unloaded and pit areas set up for this weekend's FCC extravaganza. At last count; hang on, let me check the website again..... yes, it's 69 funny cars and 17 AA/Fuel Altereds on the entry list. Today is just another move-in day, but tomorrow there will be a test 'n tune for all entrants from 10am - 4pm, followed by the first two qualifying sessions at 6pm and 9pm. With that many fuel-burning (most of them anyway) it's going to be a long night that will probably stretch into the early hours of Saturday morning before the nitro fumes and tire smoke dissipate.

Our intrepid southwest correspondent, BIG Bob Snyder arrived early and sent us a small taste of what's happening already as some series regulars and a well-known newcomer to the Chaos crew started prepping for the weekend. There's going to be heaps of pics coming our way over the next 72 hours, so stay tuned.

Tod Barker - 'Back in Black' --- Terry Haddock - 'Circle K'

(LEFT) Series regular Tod Barker with his black and blue-flamed "Back In Black" Corvette returns.

(RIGHT) Another NHRA fuel racer, diehard Terry Haddock unloads his regular ride as he prepares for his second FCC race, following on last year's successful outing at San Antonio (runner-up in the "A" field) where he ran several 3.50's and hit a top speed of 234.74 mph.

Scott Palmer --- Scott Palmer

(LEFT) First thing out of the trailer was the de-rigeur 5000-hp Margarita Mixer, complete with an altered grille. Looks like they learned some lessons from the Worsham family's similar machine that I first saw at the March Meet nearly ten years ago. One blip of the throttle and you've instantly got 5 gallons of margarita.

(RIGHT) Taking up lots of space with his BIG Show transporter, NHRA Top Fuel regular, Scott Palmer brought one of his other toys to the race (he's also got a Top Fuel Hydro, and a '53 Studebaker with a full-on blown fuel engine).

Lynn Logue - 'Back In Black' --- Lynn Logue - 'Back In Black'

Just to confuse the announcers, there's two "Back In Black" entries, but this Firebird-bodied car is driven by Lynn Logue. It's also got flames, but black and gold ones. The photo on the left appeared to show him having half of Texas available for his pit area, but all that empty space will soon be filled with transporters, race cars, crews and equipment.

Highway Hell

The ominously dark clouds that had gradually gathered during the afternoon let loose with a fury when Bob left the track for the motel as you can see in his last photo of the day. However, the weather forecast for the weekend is looking much better. The only worry is a "risk of thunderstorms" on Saturday afternoon.