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The latest update as of November 22, 2020

My apologies to our midwest correspondent, Bill Jeffery for taking so long to post some of the great photos he took at the final day of the 26th annual World Power Wheelstanding Championship" from Byron Dragway in early October. Ouch! Has it really been that long? Oh well, we've got all the photos sorted and will present the full complement in the Features section very soon.

26th annual World Power Wheelstanding Championship

Jeff Winn Racing Yellow 
Convertible --- Black Pickup
Vintage Motorology Red Vega --- Sweet William 
Black Camaro (US Flag)
Pearce Racing Red Camaro --- Red Camaro
Red '55 Chevy --- Dominic Ambrosini

Not all the attempts ended well as you can see from the last two sets of shots. We'll have the full sequence of this pass and a few other hair-raising efforts posted as soon as we can.