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The latest update as of October 12, 2020

TOP ALCOHOL National Points Standings and "COUNTDOWN" Status

Don't go reaching for the magnifying glasses just yet. Click on the tables below and they will open in a larger, and much easier to read, format.

TAD National Points Standings

TAFC National Points Standings


The following tables show just where the racers are at this moment, and what their prospects are over the next four weeks. Note that in the Top Alcohol Dragster standings, the top eight runners are all entered at this week's event in Dallas. It may go a long way towards determining the national/world championship. With a revised points structure due to the truncated season, racers can count points earned at all six national events that Top Alcohol competes in, along with two (of their first five) regional races.

The current points leader in TAD, Shawn Cowie has a definite leg up on most of his competitors, as only Duane Shields and his "Northwest Nemesis" Joey Severance also appeared at Pomona. That gives this trio an extra points boost and may well be the difference maker by the end of the season. With the revised points earning opportunities on the regional front, once a racer has two regional wins, they will have amassed the maximum points available. Three racers have done just that, with Megan Meyer using them to stay close to Cowie, while Jackie Fricke and Rachel Meyer have done well regionally, with two wins apiece, but not so well on the national stage and are well back in the standings.

The second through fourth racers in the standings cannot claim any more regional points, while Cowie still has one chance to gain the maximum, at the final event on the 2020 calendar, the Las Vegas regional race happening after the Dodge NHRA Finals. Also in the same boat is Joey Severance, who could use that final race of the year to gain an extra 21 points towards his total. One spot below Severance in the standings, Josh Hart could gain 42 points at that event, while Cowie stands to also gain 42 points if he could win the event. Finally, long-shot contender (#8 in the points currently) James Stevens, could likewise add 42 points to his total with a win at the Las Vegas regional.

There's so many scenarios possible, but it will all become at least somewhat clearer by Sunday afternoon when eliminations conclude at the Texas Motorplex. With a full field of blown alky (four) and injected nitro (twelve) cars entered, and points earning capabilities as follows: 1st-round loser (31), 2nd-round loser (42), semi-finalist (53), runner-up (64) and winner (85) points, the standings could look quite different by next week. Note that oil-downs cost five points per occurence.

TAD Countdown


It's been an almost all Doug Gordon season, despite losing in the final round at the Winternationals back in February. It didn't take him long to take over the top spot though, with a victory at the "Baby Gators" event in early March putting him in the #1 position. Then the pandemic hit and everything came to a very sudden halt for nearly four months. The long layoff didn't hurt Gordon at all though, as he domianted the Denver race in late June to max out his regional points in just three outings. At this point he was so far ahead of his nearest competitor, Greg Bellemur that the championship was looking like it mnight be locked up early.

By the time the second national event of the season unfolded, nearly seven months after the season opener, the nerest pursuer was Brian Hough, only 49 points in arrears, while Bellemeur sat in fourth place, 59 points behind. The surprise Winternationals winner Aryan Rochon, was still hanging in the chase, less than 50 points behind. From there down to the bottom of the Top Ten, the fifth place racer, D.J. Cox Jr. was 80 points down, but still well ahead of the rest of the list. As in the dragster standings, a good showing at the Winternationals was the biggest factor in the points race going into the traditional "Big Go" at Indianapolis on Labor Day weekend.

TAFC Countdown