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The latest update as of September 12, 2020

Kearney Raceway - Funny Car Chaos

Another week, another Funny Car Chaos event. This weekend it's coming from Kearney Raceway in the heart of corn country. Last night's second qualifying session was pretty much a write-off due to unseasonably cold track temps (62 F!), but the first session, in the early afternoon was a good one. This exhibition event (to replace the cancelled Martin, MI points race) featured a wild assortment of Fuel Altereds, some on nitro, some on alky, one turbocharged, along with some new faces to the Chaos show.

Here's our first installment of Friday's qualifying, with much more to follow. As always, stay tuned!

FUNNY CAR CHAOS - Kearney Raceway - Qualifying Session #1

Jordan Ballew - 'Ballew Thunder' --- Danny Smith

Justin Herbst - 'Scorpion' --- Scott Pareso

Nick Johnson - 'Prairie Fire' --- Jim Chase - 'Hot Pursuit'

Fred Farndon - 'Play It Loud' --- Fred Farndon - 'Play It Loud'

Ken Singleton - 'High Risk' --- Doug Schneider

Keith Jackson - 'High Heaven' - (oil spill!) --- Daniel Butherus - 'Ratatude'

Joe Gallegos - 'Nitro Clown 2'

Pit Shots

Motes & Williams - Top Gas Dragster --- Pit Thrash

(LEFT) Here's something you don't see every day: an honest-to-goodness twin-engine blown gas-burning Top Gas Dragster from 1970. Fifty years ago, Ray Motes drove and partner R.C. Williams wrenched this behemoth to some of the most awesome performances of that era.

Nostalgia Front-Engine Dragsters



FUNNY CAR CHAOS - Kearney Raceway - Qualifying Session #2

Chuck Loftin - 'Motivation' --->

<A HREF= Jim Chase - 'Hot Pursuit'

Tom Furches - 'Made In America' --->

<A HREF= Keith Jackson - 'High Heaven'

Steve Timoszyk - 'Detroit Toger' --->

<A HREF= Doug Newkirk