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The latest update as of June 27, 2020

Pro Mod vs Fuel Altered Showdown

Here's the first installment of pictures and a bare listing of results from yesterday's two qualifying sessions at the Pro Mod vs Fuel Altered Showdown being held at Xtreme Raceway Park in Ferris, Texas. We've got more details to post and will bring you another big batch of pictures tomorrow following today's final qualifier and eliminations.

8th annual Pro Mod vs Fuel Altered Showdown - Friday Qualifying

Charles Letteer 'Angry Bird' --- Raymond Dawson - 'High Octane'

(LEFT) Leading off our coverage of the event is Charles Letteer in his "Angry Bird" Firebird who clocked in to the #19 spot with a 5.204 - 107.40 in the first qualifying session. This picture was taken in an afternoon testing session.

(RIGHT) In the first evening qualifying session, Raymond Dawson in the "High Octane" punched out a #8 (overall) qualifying number of 3.819 - 189.00 that placed him well into the middle of the Fuel Altered field.

Kurt Duckworth - 'Complete Chaos' --- Frankie Taylor - 'Mad Man'

(LEFT) Kurt Duckworth "Complete Chaos" #15 4.467 - 156.58

(RIGHT) Frankie Taylor "Mad Man" #6 3.738 - 197.54

(near lane) Jody Austin - 'Bushwhacker' vs 
(far lane) Frankie Taylor - 'Mad Man' ---

(LEFT) (near lane) Jody Austin "Bushwhacker" #1 3.598 - 201.43 vs (far lane) Frankie Taylor "Mad Man" #6 3.738 - 197.54

(RIGHT) The scoreboards - Frankie Taylor (3.738 - 197.54) (left) - Jody Austin (3.598 - 201.43) (right)

(near lane) Randy Meuller vs (far lane) 
Dennis Hendrix --- Allan Middendorf - 'American Outlaw'

(LEFT) In the near lane Randy Meuller lumbered down the track to a #18 qualifying spot at 5.156 - 130.10. After a decent opening pass of 4.514 - 156.20, Dennis Hendrix (far lane) had a major meltdown on his second try. The resulting explosion blew the hood off and put the car in the trailer for the balance of the event. NOTE: We originally reported that Hendrix ran a much better (3.720 - 121.36) time in the first session, but that was a mistake on the qualifying sheet we were provided with. Also note that some of the

(RIGHT) As expected, Allan Middendorf really laid down a number in the awesome "American Outlaw", going to the #4 position with an excellent 3.692 - 217.08 pass that saw him on the throttle all the way to the finish line.

John Umlauf - 'Mass Chaos' AA/FA 564U --- Brandon Pesz - Pro Mod

(LEFT) John Umlauf "Mass Chaos" #10 3.968 - 183.22

(RIGHT) Brandon Pesz #7 3.790 - 196.42

Keith Zimmerer - AA/FA 488 ---

(LEFT) Keith Zimmerer #13 4.054 - 159.80

(RIGHT) Lighting up the night sky BIG TIME(!) is Kebin Kinsley in Howard Farris's "War Wagon" which ended the day in the #3 spot with a great 3.653 - 223.10 to close out qualifying.

Here's the qualifying sheets after Friday's two sessions. One more shot this afternoon, then it's eliminations time. Stay tuned for updates!

Qualifying List #2

Qualifying Ladder #2

Qualifying lists courtesy of Pro Mod vs Fuel Altered Showdown