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The latest update as of June 20, 2020

Funny Car Chaos - Penwell Knights Raceway - Friday qualifying - Session One

Ray Stringer - 'Blown Cent-Less' --- Ken Singleton - 'High Risk'

(LEFT) Making his season debut in the "Blown Cent-Less" car, New Mexico's Ray Stringer jumped right into contention with a #3 qualifying spot in the "A" field, courtesy of a strong 4.168 - 178.50 pass.

(RIGHT Continuing his string of dominating runs in 2020, Funny Car Chaos points leader Ken Singleton in the "high Risk" car, clocked another low qualifying number with the only 3-second pass on Friday, a very strong 3.845 - 199.29 to cover the field by more than two tenths of a second. Without Terry Haddock to contend with, it looks like the only way he can lose is if he overpowers the track, or has a very late - or too early light. Or, as he did last week in San Antonio, cross the centerline to give away the win.

Steve Vang - 'Wicked Weekend Warrior' --- Fred Farndon - 'Play It Loud'

(LEFT) After a great start to the season with a win in the "B" field at the season opener at Pine Valley Raceway, Steve Vang's fortunes have diminished considerably with a first round loss at last week's event in San Antonio. At that race he pushed hard on the pedal in his "Wicked Weekend Warrior", and ended up in the #7 spot in the "A" field, and an early exit. On Friday at this race he's sitting at the top of the "B" field with a 4.624 - 150.50 and is looking for a better finish in today's eliminations.

(RIGHT) Making his season debut on the Funny Car Chaos circuit, Oklahoma's Fred Farndon punched out a decent 4.387 - 166.98 in his "Play It LOUD" entry. That was good enough for #5 overall and a spot in the "A" field after the second session of qualifying.

Damon Kuhn - 'Passin' Gas' --- Kebin Kinsley - 'Wild Child'

(LEFT Still trying to work out the bugs in his "Passin' Gas" entry, Damon Kuhn limped his way to a bottom of the field (#16) spot with a sub-par 6.415 - 98.86 clocking. He's still got one more chance today to solidify a spot in the "B" field.

(RIGHT Making his presence felt right away, Kebin Kinsley launched hard in the nitro burning "Wild Child" Mustang, but shutoff early to a 4.476 - 116.16 pass, putting him in the #7 position on the ladder after the first two qualifying sessions.

Funny Car Chaos - Penwell Knights Raceway - Friday qualifying - Session Two

Ken Singleton - 'High Risk' --- (near lane) Jordan Ballew - 'Ballew Thunder' 
vs (far lane) Randy Meuller - 'Crazy Randy'

(LEFT) Action continued with the second session under the lights and first our of the lanes was Ken Singleton in the "High Risk" car. To make things interesting, a $200 bounty has been posted for anyone who can beat him in eliminations tonight. And if the bounty isn't claimed, Singleton gets the money. Quite an incentive all-round. At the end of the evening, Singleton still sat atop the ladder in the #1 position.

(RIGHT) A pair of cars that ended up near the bottom of the list came up next, with Jordan Ballew in the familiar "Ballew Thunder" (near lane) putting down a mediocre 5.005 - 138.25, "good" enough for the #14 position, and in the far lane, Randy Meuller in the "Crazy Randy" entry carded an even worse 6.100 - 119.21 for the #15 spot.

(far lane) Ray Stringer - 'Blown Cent-Less'  
vs (near lane) Chuck Loftin - 'Motivation' --- Chris Schneider - 'Brutus'

(LEFT) In a great side-by-side matchup, Chuck Loftin in the near lane, made a great pass in his blown fueld "Motivation" Mustang, ringing up a 4.095 - 162.51 for the #2 spot behind Ken Singleton. In the far lane, Ray Stringer nearly kept pace in his "Blown Cent-Less" blown alky car, with a 4.168 - 178.50 for the #3 spot.

(RIGHT) Filling the last spot in the "A" field, Chris Schnedier pushed the Troxel & Schneider "Brutus" to a to hold down the #8 spot on the ladder.

(near lane) Nick Johnson - 'Prairie Fire' 
vs (far lane) Dustin Bradford - 'American Dream' --- (near lane) Jeff Cameron - 'Magnolia Missile' 
vs (far lane) Shane Blanton - 'Bad Company'

(LEFT) After a so-so weekend at San Antonio, Dustin Bradford got off to a good start with a decent 4.448 - 159.01 in the family's American Dream" Challenger, taking the #6 spot on the ladder, well into the "A" field.

(RIGHT) This side-by-side pairing saw both cars end up near the bottom of the ladder, with (near lane) Jeff Cameron in the "Magnolia Missile" putting down a 4.726 - 148.08 for the #12 spot, and Shane Blanton in the "Bad Company" car one spot lower at #13, courtesy of a 4.780 - 146.48 timeslip.

Keith Jackson - 'High Heaven' --- Kebin Kinsley - 'Wild Child'

(LEFT) No off-road excrursions for the Colorado-based "High Heaven" team this weekend, as pilot Keith Jackson got the Camaro stopped without incident at the end of his 4.708 - 117.83 pass, that left him well short of the "A" field at #11 after the first two sessions.

(RIGHT A grat example of a pan-blur shot captures Kebin Kinsley launching with the flames up in his "Wild Child". At the end of the session, he sat in the #7 spot in the "A" field going into today's final qualifying session.

Starting Line Scarecrow

This picture is a little out of the ordinary, but having a "stick man" built out of scrap metal seems an appropriate good luck icon for the Penwell Knights starting line.