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The latest update as of June 1, 2020

FCC Eddyville Header

FUNNY CAR CHAOS holds it second event of the 2020 season

After a very long, two-and-a-half month hiatus, the sport's leading independent Funny Car series held a very successful event over the weekend at Iowa's Eddyville Raceway Park. With 27 cars on the pre-entry list, and a live-streamed show hosted on BangShift.com, anticipation was running at a fever pitch for fans starved of drag racing, especially of the nitro-fuelled variety.

Our correspondent made the 1458-mile drive from his home base near Phoenix to Eddyville, and despite some challenges along the way, made it there.... and hopefully back home safe and sound and ready to send some photos to tell the story of the race. At last report, he was more than halfway back to Arizona and should be home tonight and ready to go through his photo files sometime tomorrow. Stay tuned for all the good stuff! Until then, we've got some pit shots from Thursday.

Enroute --- Bob Snyder --- Wet Track

The weather enroute to the race wasn't the best as Bob left Arizona in bright sunshine but the further inland he traveled, the worse the weather got. When he arrived at the track three days later, it was wet, but the rain clouds were clearing and the forecast was fine for Friday and Saturday. WARNING: You may not want to enlarge the photo of Mr. Snyder. Just sayin'....

Chris King - 'Fools' Gold' --- Robbie Massey - 'Moats & Massey'

(LEFT) Warming up the "Fool's Gold" car in the warm afternoon sun is driver Chris King, all the way from West Palm Beach, Florida.

(RIGHT) Emerging from the trailer is the Vern Moats tribute car, driven by Robbie Massey of Des Moines, IA.

Keith Jackson - 'High Heaven' --- Jim Chase - 'Wicked Quick'

(LEFT) Coming down from the high country, Lakewood, Colorado's Jackson family with Keith Jackson behind the wheel of the "High Heaven" entry, sporting a beautiful new paint job on the '70 Camaro body.

(RIGHT) A welcome change from the later-model cars is the aptly named "Wicked Quick" '57 Chevy of Bismarck, North Dakota's Jim Chase.