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The latest update as of March 19, 2020

As outlined on the home page, the drag racing world is on hiatus for what could be quite a while. There is really no way of knowing or predicting when large gatherings of people will be allowed again, in North America or elsewhere. We certainly haven't neared the peak of the COVID-19 crisis, but the only hopeful sign is that China (where the virus originated) has seen new infections drop to nearly zero and if we can extrapolate their experience, the worst could be over in this part of the world in the next two to three months. Hopefully....

The only bright side to this currently imposed downtime is that it gives us time to catch up on so many long-delayed projects here at Northern Thunder, and launch into a new historical review of NHRA drag racing, starting 50 years ago and working forward from there. Stay tuned for that feature coming soon! Until then, we've got coverage of the recently completed Good Vibrations March Meet lower down on this page and soon to be in the updated "Features" section of the site.