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The latest update as of March 2, 2020

--- Good Vibrations March Meet

We're still THREE DAYS away from the start of the Good Vibrations March Meet and event news is already coming in thick and fast. There was a very succesful Test 'n Tune held over the weekend and NHRA has provided lots of coverage with pictures and some numbers on their website. To save time clicking on the link, here's the skinny on the who, what, when and where.

The defending NHRA Heritage Series champion in Nostalgia Funny Car, Bobby Cottrell ran a 5.92 on Saturday; A/Fuel champ Drew Austin put down a solid 5.98 at 204 mph; NHRA Top Alcohol Funny Car champion (two years running) Greg Bellemeur brought out his family's TA/FC with an altered body in place and ran 6.30's testing a new A/Fuel combination. In case you're wondering how a top alcohol engine fits into A/FUEL, the rules in that class allow injected nitro or supercharged methanol. Just like NHRA's Top Alcohol Dragster class.

A couple of second generation racers came out to test, including Sabrina Capps in George Murphy's A/Fuel dragster and Thais Flournoy in the family's Nostalgia Eliminator I altered. Quite a few Nitro Nostalgia FC's were running, including some of the heavy hitters such as Jeff Arend in the familiar "California Hustler" Trans-Am, Billy Morris in his "Problem Child" Camaro, "Hollywood" Kris Krabill in Gary Turner's "Pedaler" Challenger, and sporting a whole new car with a Firebird body, Geoff Monise in the Van Gundy, Clark & Monise "Quarter Pounder".

Doing a little sleuthing on Facebook (you can't hide ANYTHING on the 'net nowadays!) shows a very straight (early shutoff) first run that clocked a .911 60' time, followed by a full pull on the second hit that rang in at 5.91 - 245. Looks like they're ready to run with the fast guys at Famoso this week.