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The latest update as of February 22, 2020

2020 NHRA Arizona Nationals logo

We've received the first batch of photos from "Big" Bob Snyder as he documents the 36th annual NHRA Arizona Nationals at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park in Chandler, AZ. Leading off the PRO qualifying on Friday were the Top Fuel Harleys, followed by the Pro Stock cars, the fuel Funny Cars, and finally, Top Fuel.

TOP FUEL HARLEY & PRO STOCK - Qualifying Session #1

TFH - Tii Tharpe --- PRO - Jason Line

(LEFT) Leading off our race coverage is a hard launch by defending world champion in Top Fuel Harley, Tii Tharpe who's first competition pass of the season saw a quick loss of traction and a 10-second timeslip. (RIGHT) Making the second start of his "farewell" tour is KB Racing's Jason Line who carded a 6.619 - 208.01 on his first qualifier, only good enough for the #11 position.

FUNNY CAR - Qualifying Session #1

FC - Jeff Diehl --- FC - Jim Campbell

(LEFT) First out of the waterbox in the opening qualifying session for FUNNY CAR was Jeff Diehl in his flat-black "RATT" sponsored car. He shut off before the 330' mark and coasted to a 6.987 - 94.65 clocking. (RIGHT) In the second pair of the round, the new (second race) Jim Dunn car driven by Jim Campbell to an almost as slow 6.707 - 98.77 time.

FC - Terry Haddock --- FC - Cruz Pedregon

(LEFT) Making an early appearance at this event, the never-say-die Terry Haddock made the field with a very early shutoff 5.612 - 125.56 pass. With only 16 cars in the pits, that guaranteed him a spot in eliminations.

(RIGHT) Wrapped in a new 100-year anniversary scheme, Cruz Pedregon put down a good opening number of 3.962 - 323.74 running alongside Bob Tasca III (not shown) who also ran well for the first side-by-side 3-second pass of qualifying.

FC - Paul Lee --- FC - Tim Wilkerson

(LEFT) With a full season of competiton on his agenda in 2020, Paul Lee ran hard to the 660' clocks, then got off the throttle as the car headed to the wall, and put up a 4.257 - 210.37 pass to start his weekend. (RIGHT) Showcasing an anniversary-themed wrap, Tim Wilkerson took over the early pole position with a good 3.934 at an early shutoff 307.72 mph.

FC - Tommy Johnson Jr. --- FC - Alexis DeJoria

(LEFT) With four 3-second passes recorded from the first four pairs of cars, Tommy Johnson Jr. upped the ante slightly with a 3.9145 - 324.12, while Robert Hight (not shown) ran the first "80" of the weekend, laying down a 3.867 - 330.55 to serve notice that he was ready to rumble.

(RIGHT) Another pair of 3-second runs followed, with returning veteran Alexis DeJoria putting down a consistent 3.972 - 325.30 time for the #8 position, while Matt Hagan (not shown) took over the #2 spot with a 3.882 - 324.75 pass.

FC - Jack Beckman --- FC - John Force

(LEFT) Closing out the first qualifying session, Jack Beckman (seen here on the burnout) smoked the tires early and coasted to a 6.511 - 107.15 pass. (RIGHT) His opponent, John Force lost traction at almost the same point, but headed for the wall before he stopped the clocks at a slightly better (less worse) time of 5.120 - 144.80.

TOP FUEL - Qualifying Session #1

TF - Terry Totten --- TF - Scott Palmer

(LEFT) Top Fuel qualifying opened with two single runs, led off by Terry Totten in Don Sosenka's "Mr. Magoo" car. Totten made a respectable pass, stopping the clocks at 4.126 - 269.08 to open the proceedings. (RIGHT) Next up and sporting a "stealth" black look with his new car, Scott Palmer had a run to forget as he launched on 7-cylinders and clicked it early to a 4.659 - 165.13.

TF Steve Torrence (left) - 
Billy Torrence (right) --- Torrence vs Torrence scoreboards

(LEFT) Making their season debut after skipping the Winternationals, Team Torrence came up together, and Steve (left side), outran Billy (right side) by two thousandths of a second, despite a slower speed (316.36 to 324.36). (RIGHT) The scoreboards tell the tale, with Steve's #1 qualifying 3.743 on the right side, and Billy's #2 qualifying 3.745 on the left.

TF - Billy Torrence --- TF - Antron Brown

(LEFT) Here's a closer look at Billy Torrence as he launches hard on his first competition pass of the 2020 season. (RIGHT) After a completely forgettable season opener in Pomona, Antron Brown had another off-pace pass at 11.189 - 66.17 to start his weekend on a sour note.

TF - Shawn Langdon --- TF - Shawn Reed

(LEFT) The gremlins continued to haunt Shawn Langdon in his return to Top Fuel. After a good first day at the Winternationals, he failed to get off the starting line on his last two qualifying attempts, then limped to a 6-second first round loss. Things didn't get any better here as his 5.993 effort showed that the problems were continuing for the DHL team.

(RIGHT) Shawn Reed 3.795 - 318.62

TF - Leah Pruett

Leah Pruett 4.096 - 214.96

Wheelstander & PRO STOCK - Qualifying Session #2

Little Red Fire Truck --- PRO - Jeg Coughlin Jr.

(LEFT) The Little Red Fire Truck owned and driven by Mike Mantel

(RIGHT) Jeg Coughlin Jr. 6.536 - 208.46

FUNNY CAR - Qualifying Session #2

FC - Jack Beckman --- FC - Ron Capps

(LEFT) Jack Beckman 3.889 - 329.42

(RIGHT) Ron Capps 3.953 - 326.40

FC - Paul Lee --- FC - Blake Alexander

(LEFT) Paul Lee 4.640 - 172.30

(RIGHT) Blake Alexander 6.672 - 93.91

FC - Bob Tasca III --- FC - Matt Hagan

(LEFT) Bob Tasca III 3.883 - 328.86

(RIGHT) Matt Hagan 3.859 - 331.81

FC - Robert Hight

Robert Hight 5.760 - 118.47

TOP FUEL - Qualifying Session #2

TF - Terry McMillen --- TF - Clay Millican

(LEFT) Terry McMillen 3.696 - 326.79

(RIGHT) Clay Millican 3.772 - 319.14

TF - Austin Prock --- TF - Jim Maroney

(LEFT) Austin Prock 3.775 - 314.24

(RIGHT) Jim Maroney 4.129 - 227.00

TF - Justin Ashley --- TF - Leah Pruett

(LEFT) Justin Ashley 3.758 - 315.64

(RIGHT) Leah Pruett 3.680 - 328.06

TF - Brittany Force

Brittany Force 3.680 - 331.12