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The latest update as of October 13, 2019

Our photographer (Bob Snyder) managed to get out to Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park on the weekend to attend the second to last event on the NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Series calendar. The Heritage Nostalgia Drags were run in conjunction with a Division Seven points race and the attendance by the Group One (A/Fuel, Jr. Fuel, and 7.0 PRO) cars was "somewhat" underwhelming.

Three A/Fuelers appeared, three Jr. Fuelers, and four cars in the 7.0 Pro class. One of the 7.0 cars failed to appear for eliminations and there was only one real side-by-side race during eliminations (the 7.0 final) but it was decided on the starting line with a redlight. Our report is pretty slim but here's what we've got.

Kin Bates Jr (near lane) vs Drew Austin - (far lane)

A quick glance at the photo makes it appear that the captioned e.t.s/speeds are misplaced.. but think again. Drew Austin (far lane) succesfully pedalled his way to victory after smoking the tires on the launch. While it looks like Kin Bates Jr. (near lane) got off the line in good shape, he obviously ran into problems down track as the 10.705 - 79.73 attests to.

Don Enriquez (near lane) vs Brad Woodard - (far lane)

Taking the win the Junior Fuel class was Brad Woodard (far lane) as his 6-second pass easily covered the ageless veteran Don Enriquez (near lane) who red-lighted and slowed to a coasting 10-second pass.

 Lawton Ferreira Jr - Top Flight (near lane) vs - Steve Faller - Bad Moon (far lane)

Looking for all the word like a pair of "junior" Fuel Altereds, the 7.0 Pro finalists put on a really tight race - at least on the scoreboards, but the redlight shining in Lawton Ferreira Jr's (near lane), plus his 6.99 breakout pass (remember: it's a 7.00 index class), and made Steve Faller (far lane) the winner.