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The latest update as of September 8, 2019

FUNNY CAR CHAOS #6 - U.S. 131 Motorsports Park (Martin, MI)

US 131 Motorsports Park event header

Friday at the "Chaos" wasn't the best of days as the weather didn't cooperate with mist and occasional showers most of the day. The pits weren't exactly full either as just 14 (of the 18 pre-entered) cars were in attendance. When the on-track action got going (90 minutes late), only four cars attempted a pass in the first session, with the only seriously competitive e.t.'s coming from series regulars Brandon Lewis and Ken Singleton. We're still waiting for further updates from our correspondent, Bob Snyder.

Brandon Lewis - 'Attitude Adjuster' --- Vic Tiffin - 'Gold Digger'

In the first pairing, (LEFT) Brandon Lewis in the "Attitude Adjuster" Camaro put down a great opening shot at 3.783 and a big speed 206.90. (RIGHT) In the other lane, first time contestant in the FCC circuit, Vic Tiffin in the "Gold Digger" car cut the power a little early but still put a 4-flat 4.006 - 180.43 up on the boards.

Ken Singleton - 'High Risk'

The other pair saw Ken Singleton in his point series leading "High Risk" car blitzed the scoreboards with a very quick - but still second best - 3.786 - 200.71 pass. In the other lane, another series newcomer, Sue Christopherson in her '57 Chevy "Susie Q" crossed the centerline and was DQ'd. And that's where our report ran out. We later learned that Bob encountered some serious health issues after the Friday evening session and had to fly home to Phoenix, missing the balance of the event. We certainly hope that he fully recovers as quickly as possible and gets back to what he loves: shooting NITRO funny cars.

We will dig up some file photos from earlier FCC events to help fill in some of the details for this event.