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The latest update as of April 22, 2019

OUTLAW FUEL ALTERED racing from North Star Dragway (Denton, TX)

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Unidentified team preparing their car in the pits --- Clint Cross 'Crossways' AA/FA

(LEFT) A new, but unidentified, team hard at work in the pits preparing their car. Unforunately, they never made it to the starting line and we don't have any data on them. (RIGHT) After a solid burnout, the Meyer & Cross - "Crossways" car, driven by Clint Cross, suffered a terminal failure before backing up and didn't appear for either elimination round.

Bobby Marriott climbing into his 'Shockwave' AA/FA --- Outlaw Fuel Altered teams gathering behind the starting line

(LEFT) Seen climbing into his car prior to the first time trial round is Bobby Marriott, preparing for a very special pass. (RIGHT) Before Marriott went down the track, all the Outlaw Fuel Altered teams gathered behind the starting line to acknowledge and commemorate the passing of Paul Caster. (See more about that below).

Bobby Marriott - 'Shockwave' - AA/FA --- Bobby Marriott - 'Shockwave' - AA/FA

(LEFT) Long-time (20+ years) competitor in Outlaw Fuel Altered racing, including five season championships, Bobby Marriott launches hard in the "Shockwave" car.

(RIGHT) With low e.t. and top speed of the first time trial round displayed on the scoreboards, Marriott puts out the laundry, and sends the finish line cones flying. What appears to be smoke trailing the car is actually the ashes of veteran racing photographer Paul Caster, who passed away late last year, in a fitting tribute to his long career in the sport.

Roger Lechtenberg - 'Nitro Madness' - AA/FA --- Mark Hunter - 'Jailbreak' - AA/FA

(LEFT) Coming back to the Outlaw Fuel Altereds after a year on the sidelines, "Radar" Roger Lechtenberg wheeled the "NItro Madness" car to a solid 4.288 at 183.87 in the first round of time trials. (RIGHT) Not faring so well was the "Jailbreak", driven by Mark Hunter to an early shutoff 4.596 - 128.57 in his only pass of the evening.

Aaron Morrow - 'Nitro Relapse' - AA/FA --- John Broussard - 'Purple Haze' - AA/FA

(LEFT) Another so-so result came up on the boards for Aaron Morrow in the "Nitro Relapse", as he stopped the clocks at 4.489 and only 119.84 mph. (RIGHT) John Broussard had an even worse result as he posted only a 5.015 - 91.22 in the flamed "Purple Haze" entry.

Larry Bradford - 'American Dream' - AA/FA --- Jimmy Jones - 'Texas Tremor' - AA/FA

(LEFT) The parade of 4-second (and slower) passes continued as Larry Bradford pushed his "American Dream" to a 4.699 - 158.17 time. (RIGHT) Getting closer to the numbers that would be required later, Jimmy Jones in the Lone Star-themed "Texas Tremor" came up just short of the 3's with a 4.082 - 170.52 to show what he had.

Donny McSwain - 'Wild One' - AA/FA --- Mark Billington - 'Magic Dragon' - AA/FA

(LEFT) Donny McSwain wasted a good run by the "Wild One", leaving before the tree was activated. (RIGHT) Jumping from a Top Alcohol Funny Car to a Nostalgia Nitro Funny Car, and into the "Magic Dragon" AA/FA, Mark Billington came up short of the mark with a 4.401 - 111.83 in his opening effort of the evening.

Jody Austin - 'Bushwhacker' - AA/FA --- Rodger Eckhardt - 'Bad Attitude' - AA/FA

Closing out the first time trial session were (LEFT) Jody Austin in the "Bushwhacker" who stopped the clocks at 4.113 at a very early shutoff 127.84. (RIGHT) The "Bad Attitude" Fiat Toppolino of Rodger Eckhardt kept the throttle open until the finish line but a 4.474 - 161.58 wasn't a serious threat to reach the final of the Chicago-style show.


Mary Reep - 'Grim Reeper' - AA/FA --- Bobby Marriott - 'Shockwave' - AA/FA

With the sun setting, the AA/FA's were ready to turn up the wick with the cooler evening air and stickier track to help them get down the North Star 1/8-th mile. After the majority of passes in the first session were singles, the fans were happy to see the lanes full of pairings for this final time trial session.

(LEFT) Leading off with an improvement over her earlier 4.159 - 156.87 was Mary Reep in the sharp looking "Grim Reeper" with a solid 4.065 - 161.00. (RIGHT) Her opponent Bobby Marriott in the "Shockwave" (quickest and fastest in the first t.t. round) bogged out of the gate to a 4.294 - 193.05 clocking.

Roger Lechtenberg - 'Nitro Madness' - AA/FA --- Jimmy Jones - 'Texas Tremor' - AA/FA

(LEFT) Picking up the pace and driving it out the back door was Roger Lechtenberg in the "Nitro Madness" as he picked up a tenth to a 4.163 - 190.60 but it paled in comparison to (RIGHT) the quickest pass of the round as Jimmy Jones booted the "Texas Tremor" to an excellent 3.940 - 182.48 which stood up for the quickest of the round.

Aaron Morrow - 'Nitro Relapse' - AA/FA --- Mark Billington - 'Magic Dragon' - AA/FA

(LEFT) Almost as quick, but coupled with an early chute was Aaron Morrow's 3.945 - 157.18 in the "Nitro Relapse", as he put up the second best e.t. of the round. (RIGHT) Back for another shot at the track was Mark Billington in the "Magic Dragon", but he fell short agsain at 4.257 - 120.81 to put him up against it heading into the all-important first round of eliminations.

Tim Cruce - 'Cruce Missile' - AA/FA --- Tim Cruce - 'Cruce Missile' - AA/FA

(LEFT) abd (RIGHT) Making his only attempt of the event was Tim Cruce in the "Cruce Missile" and he came up well short of making an impact on the field, carding only a 6.353 - 117.55.


Larry Bradford - 'American Dream' - AA/FA --- Mary Reep 'Grim Reeper' - AA/FA (near lane) - John Broussard - 'Purple Haze' - AA/FA (far lane)

(LEFT) Leading off "eliminations" with a bye run in the nine car field was the "American Dream" of Larry Bradford, and he rang up a mediocre 7.3643 - 93.59 to assure himself of a spot on the trailer for the final round.

(RIGHT) The first pair of the round saw a very close race, if you discount Mary Reep's redlight in her "Grim Reeper" (near lane). As you can see from the inset scoreboard shots, her very good3.947 - 188.21 was close to the winning numbers of 3.916 - 188.21 for the automatic winner (and defending series champion) John Broussard in his "Purple Haze" entry (far lane).

Jimmy Jones - 'Texas Tremor' - AA/FA (near lane) - Bobby Marriott - 'Shockwave' - AA/FA (far lane) --- Mark Billington - 'Magic Dragon - AA/FA (near lane) - Aaron Morrow - 'Nitro Relapse' - AA/FA (far lane)

(LEFT) Nearly matching the closeness of the first pairing, but surpassing the best clocking, were Jimmy Jones in the "Texas Tremor" (near lane) who clocked in at 3.963 - 185.41, but fell short of Bobby Marriott's excellent 3.892 - 190.84 in the "Shockwave" (far lane).

(RIGHT) Finally getting all the performance out of the "Magic Dragon" was Mark Billington (near lane) but he went too far "over-center" with a big break-out (3.80 index) at 3.669 - 194.05 to forfeit his chance to race in the final. (LEFT) Simply flirting with, but not going under the mark, was Aaron Morrow in the "Nitro Relapse" (far lane) at the quickest legal pass of the round at 3.864 - 191.00 to stake his claim for a spot in the final.

Roger Lechtenberg - 'Nitro Madness' - AA/FA (near lane) - Jody Austin - 'Bushwhacker' - AA/FA (far lane)

The final pair of the round featured Roger Lechtenberg in the "Nitro Madness" (near lane), falling short of the 3-second zone with a 4.180 - 185.95, but he still crossed the finish line well ahead of the badly trailing "Bushwhacker" of Jody Austin (far lane) who limped across at 13.465 - 33.71.


Bobby Marriott - 'Shockwave' - AA/FA (near lane) - Aaron Morrow - 'Nitro Relapse' - AA/FA (far lane)

After some great performances in the elimination round, the final round lived up to it's top billing as both cars ran well into the 3.80's, with Bobby Marriott in the "Shockwave" (near lane) taking the close-fought victory at 3.854 - 188.60 over a ver good effort by Aaron Morrow in the "Nitro Relapse" (far lane) at 3.886 - 186.10. The cars left almost as one as Marriott's .089 light barely edged out Morrow's .099 launch.

Elvis Poster --- Elvis on stage at North Star Dragway

What would a drag race in Texas be without at least one Elvis impersonator to entertain the crowd? My first experience of this phenomenom occurred back inb 2014 when a parade of "Elvi" (multiple Elvis's) - in full costume - rode past the grandstands on mini bikes. There must have been more than a dozen of them and they put on quite a show. There just must be something about Elvis and Texas....