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The latest update as of November 11, 2018

More photos from the NHRA AAA Finals at Auto Club Raceway (Pomona, CA)

We're going to break into this rather solemn day with some of the latest photos from Saturday at the NHRA AAA Finals at Pomona

Shawn Cowie - B/AD --- Shawn Cowie - B/AD

First up is a pair of photos of Shawn Cowie shaking the tires so hard that the tires are barely touching the track surface. That contributed in no small part to his very untimely first round loss to the #17 qualifier (and eventual event winner!) James Stevens. For a really close at the tires, click on the left thumbnail.

Johnny Ahten - A/FD --- Krista Baldwin - A/FD

Tiffany Januik - B/AD --- Don St. Arnaud - A/FD

Shane Conway - A/FD --- Derek Milanesio - A/FD

Duane Shields - A/FD --- Garrett Bateman - A/FD

Julie Nataas - A/FD --- Shawn Cowie - B/AD