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The latest update as of November 4, 2018

Saturday final qualifying highlights from The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Kim Parker - A/FD --- Mike Burns - A/FD (near lane) - Brandon Greco - B/AD (far lane)

Leading off the final qualifying session, again on a solo was Kim Parker (LEFT) and she made good on her second attempt, with the quickest pass of the weekend, a 5.224 - 272.06 to jump into the #1 position by just .002 second over Shawn Cowie. The first pair of the round (RIGHT) saw nothing good for either racer, as Brandon Greco (far lane) smoked the tires for the third straight time and shut off, while on the near side, Mike Burns shook the tires and lifted and coasted to the stripe

Matt Sackman - A/FD (near lane) - Duane Shields - A/FD (far lane) --- Jackie Fricke - A/FD (near lane) - Johnny Ahten - A/FD (far lane)

Lots of A/Fuel cars at this race (seven out of the 11 entries) and it's no surprise to see two pairs of them going at it side-by-side in the next pair of frames. On the (LEFT) it's Matt Sackman (near lane) against Duane Shields (far lane), with Sackman staying consistent with a 5.379, while Shields moved up one notch to #5 with an improved 5.279 -270.21 effort

(RIGHT) We've got Jackie Fricke (near lane) and Johnny Ahten (far lane) and Ahten took that one, with a very good 5.264 - 271.79 to move up two spots into the top half of the field (#4), while Fricke slowed a little with a solid 5.324 - 260.61 as she fell from #5 to #6 on the ladder

Joey Severance - B/AD (near lane) - Shawn Cowie - B/AD (far lane)

For the umpeenth time in their careers, Joey Severance (near lane), and Shawn Cowie (far lane) ran together in the final pair of Top Alcohol Dragster qualifying. The drama ended quickly this time as Severance severely rattled the tires at the hit, while Cowie tried hard to reclaim the top spot in the field, falling a few thousandths short with an excellent 5.230 - 276.13 pass

Sean Bellemeur - TA/FC (near lane) - Jay Payne - TA/FC (far lane) --- Bret Williamson - TA/FC (near lane) - Rob Turner - TA/FC (far lane)

Funny car details to follow a little later

Doug Gordon - TA/FC --- Ulf Leanders - TA/FC

Ray Martin - TA/FC --- Jirka Kaplan - TA/FC (near lane) - Steve Burck - TA/FC (far lane)

Shane Westerfield - TA/FC (near lane) - Annie Whiteley - TA/FC (far lane) --- John Lombardo Jr. - TA/FC (near lane) - Chris Marshall - TA/FC (far