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The latest update as of July 25, 2018

NHRA Heritage Series Funny Car points standings

Here's the latest (unofficial) points standings in the NHRA Heritage Series Funny Car championship. It took a little sleuthing to fill in the blanks for the events that weren't well-reported, but we're sure we've got the numbers right, with the possible exception of a point or two for Shawn Bowen, driver of the "Bartone & Lebor" Camaro from New York.

A point to keep in mind is that racers can only claim their best six results in the seven-race series, but at this point only three drivers will be able to hit the six-race mark (Cottrell, Bowen, and Boychuk). Of those, only Shawn Bowen may - if he attends Boise - have the option of deleting his lowest point outing from his points tally. Even though there is a mathematical chance for Dan Horan to overtake Cottrell and Bowen for the top spot, his chances range from very slim to none. Tim Boychuk is an every longer shot to overtake the two points leaders.

1Bobby Cottrell11875118---118429
2Shawn Bowen5396977876400
3Dan Horan32------11794243
4Tim Boychuk325476---55217
5Mark Sanders3677------57170
6Jeff Arend37118---------156
7Scott Stanger---5355------108
8Garth Widdison---5251------103
9Jon Rice---5152------103
10John Smith---------95---95
11Ryan Hodgson94------------94
12Billy Morris10---74------84
13Steven Densham75------------75
14Rian Konno71------------71
15Chris Davis10---53------63
16Greg Jacobsmeyer---------56---56
17Jason Rupert54------------54
18Eric Stevens---------54---54
19Tim Nemeth------------5353
20Mike Halstead53------------53
21Paul Romine52------------52
22Geoff Monise32------------32
23Matt Bynum31------------31
24Cory Lee31---------31
25Brad Thompson31------------31
26Kris Krabill10------------10
27Steve Eston10------------10
28Bill Windham10------------10
29Don Hudson10------------10
30Rick Rogers10------------10
31John Weaver10------------10
32Scott Cousimano10------------10