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The latest update as of June 6, 2018

Coverage from the second FUNNY CAR CHAOS event of the 2018 season

It appears that the FUNNY CAR CHAOS gang have borrowed a phrase from an old "spaghetti western" movie for their rule book. It can be pretty much summed up with the following statement from the association's website. Rules: There are NO rules in regards to engine combination, body style, etc. The ONLY rules we will enforce are SAFETY.

In addition, they have a list of "encouragements" to augment the show. They are as follows: Highly Encouraged: Huge Burnouts! Dry Hops! Throttle Whacking Warm Ups! Back Up Girls! Staging Duels! Let's Have Fun!. What a concept! And it seems to be working, judging by the fan reaction and the overflowing grandstands.

We've got a bushel of great photos courtesy of Bob and Ginger Snyder, but we're still waiting on the results, other than the winners and runner-ups in the "A" and "B" fields. The plan for the event was to have 24 floppers in attendance which would give them more than enough cars (accounting for breakage) to fill two 8-car fields. Unfortunately, despite a large number of pre-entries, only 17 cars appeared and there were barely enough to produce the promised elimination fields. Despite the shortage of cars, the show went off with some great racing.

Here's a couple of photos to get the ball rolling, with many more to come over the next few days.

Amarillo A Final --- Amarillo B Final

On the left, we've got the A Final with Ken Singleton in the "High Risk" car (near lane) taking the event win over Lyle Greenberg in the "Cone Hunter Corvette (far lane). On the right side, there's the B Final which featured Nick Poloson in the "Bucket List (near lane) taking the win over Ray Stringer in the ""Blown Cent-Less" car (far lane).

Ken Singleton 'High Risk' winners circle --- Nick Poloson 'Bucket List' winners circle

Here's the respective winners circle photos, with Ken Singleton and team on the left, and Nick Poloson and his crew on the right.

Photos are provided courtesy of Bob Snyder, our ace photographer in the Southwestern U.S.A. Check out more of his work on his Bob Snyder Drag Photos website.