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The latest update as of February 3, 2018

NHRA Spring Training continues at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park - FRIDAY

We're working on going through all the great Friday photos that Bob Snyder sent us from "Spring Training". It might be tomorrow before they're all posted, but stay tuned.

Day two at Wild Horse Pass is in the books and the action heated up considerably during the second go-round. At the end of the day a total of 15 Top Fuel drivers and 14 Nitro Funny Car pilots had made at least one pass. Pro Stock showed much less participation with only six drivers making an attempt so far. Notable by their absence - at least on the track as they are in the pits - were KB Racing teammates Greg Anderson and Jason Line.

Of the Top Ten drivers in the 2017 Top Fuel standings, all made at least one pass so far, with #7 Shawn Langdon switching allegiance and jumping into the Global Technologies funny car of Kalitta Motorsports. On the fuel coupe side of the pits, all of the Top Tenners, except Tim Wilkerson have tested the track, but he will be back in his car Saturday after letting recently licensed Chad Green get some more seat time. Green showed that he's a quick learner after moving up from Pro Mod, with his best pass of the day being a 3.90 at 313 mph.

Joining the regular competitors were part-timers, like Top Fuel's Blake Alexander in Bob Vandergriff's car, who ripped off a very strong 3.77 pass that ended at the 800 ft. mark. He followed up that effort with an even better 3.755 at "only" 284 mph. Rookie Greg Carillo, who made his TF debut at Denver last year didn't get past the 100 ft. mark before igniting the tires. Finally, Terry Brian made his first pass towards upgrading his Fuel Altered license to Top Fuel and shut off very early to a high 7-second number.

Cruz Pedregon FC --- Ron Capps FC

Cruz Pedregon left, and Ron Capps (right)

Courtney Force FC --- JR Todd FC

Courtney Force (left), and JR Todd (right)

Steve Torrence TF --- Mike Salinas TF

Steve Torrence (left), and Mike Salinas (right)

Clay Millican TF - Matt Hagan FC --- Tommy Johnson FC

Clay Millican vs Matt Hagan (left), and Tommy Johnson (right)

Robert Hight FC --- Erica Enders PS

Robert HIght (left), Erica Enders (right)

Courtney Force FC --- Cruz Pedregon FC

Courtney Force (left), Cruz Pedregon (right)

Jack Beckman FC --- Shawn Langdon FC

Jack Beckman (left), Shawn Langdon (right)

Tony Schumacher TF --- Terry McMillen TF

Tony Schumacher (left), Terry McMillen (right)

John Force FC --- Matt Hagan FC

John Force (left), Matt Hagan (right)

Greg Carrillo TF --- Bo Butner PM

Greg Carrillo (left), Bo Butner in Harry Hruska's car (right)

Ron Capps FC --- Jeg Coughlin PS

Ron Capps (left), Jeg Coughlin (right)

Deric Kramer PS --- Doug Kalitta TF

Deric Kramer (left), Doug Kalitta (right)

Richard Townsend FC --- Brittany Force TF

Richard Townsend (left), Brittany Force (right)

Tim Wilkerson FC --- Matt Hagan - JR Todd FC

Tim Wilkerson (left), Matt Hagan and JR Todd (right)

Bob Tasca FC --- Blake Alexander TF

Bob Tasca (left), Blake Alexander (right)

Courtney Force - Cruz Pedregon FC --- Terry McMillen TF

Courtney Force and Cruz Pedregon (left), Terry McMillen (right)

Richie Crampton TF --- Jack Beckman FC

Richie Crampton (left), Jack Beckman (right)