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The latest update as of July 17, 2016

More weather dramas

After a great rebound from Friday's drawn-out and nearly drowned first day of competition, Saturday went off as scheduled at the IHRA Rocky Mountain Nationals. When we rolled out of bed at "oh too early" this morning, the skies were bright, the air was warm, and hopes were high for a fast-paced exciting day of drag racing at Castrol Raceway. It all started well with the Pro 6.95 class, but by the time the second pair of cars crossed the finish line it became apparent that the weather was going to interfere again. As the fourth pair of cars began backing up from their burnouts, the raindrops started to fall, gradually increasing in intensity until it became another full-blown rainstorm.

Three hours later the rain finally stopped, track drying started again for the umpteenth time, and now, nearly five hours after racing began, we're getting close to resuming. As long as we can get going before 8:00 pm, and no more rain falls, we just might get this event in the books this evening. So far, the only racers to fall victim to the weather are the Pro Mods, and they will roll their eliminations into a double-header race weekend here in early September. The exhibition categories: Fuel Altereds, Alcohol Dragsters and Funny Car, and Top Fuel look to be on the sidelines also in order to speed up the show and increase the chances of completing the event.