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The latest update as of November 3, 2014

Where did the last week and a half go?

It's difficult to comprehend where the last ten days went. While I was on that epic road trip, the days all seemed to blur one into the next, but as soon as I got home, everything quickly ramped up to warp speed. Especially after a two-month absence. Back to work, back to the normal day-to-day routine, and the days just flashed past, like road signs on the freeway at 85 mph.

There's still lots of blanks in the (MORE) Xcellent Adventures blog, but it's roughed in now and the pictures will be coming shortly. Once I sort through sort approximately 1000 shots snapped in-car, out of the car, on the bus, on the street, and in the hotels. Lots of variety and even a few decent ones to look at. Then, the words to go with them. All I have to do is dredge up the details from the old memory banks and fill in the gaps on the adventures page.

With the drag racing season drawing to a close - or at least winding down until next spring - in the northern hemisphere, there will be time to get into the 20,000 plus pics from the six races I attended on the road trip. While they can't really be posted online without permission from NHRA or on the website that used my services, ie. SpeedZone Magazine, at least a few shots may show up in the Daily Pic section and other places on Northern Thunder.