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The latest update as of October 13, 2014

Escape from New York and other adventures

If this is Monday.... hang on, let's check the phone and see if that's right.... Yes, it is indeed Monday, which is Thanksgiving Day in Canada and Columbus Day in America. So where are we? Gail is home safe and sound in North Vancouver after a terrible day flying the "friendly" skies of modern air travel, while I'm in.... somewhere in Indiana. It's so small that when I arrived last night, the traffic lights shut off as I cruised through town at 10 pm. So small, in fact, that you have to zoom in 8X on Mapquest just to see it appear on the map.

But it was the right place to stop last night as it would have been past midnight before I hit Chicago; the starting point of my Route 66 adventure, on the way to the California Hot Rod Reunion in Bakersfield. Today's agenda includes a quick stop at the Route 66 starting point near Lakeshore Blvd. in the Windy City, then down to St. Louis, and further into Missouri. Let's hope the weather cooperates like it did yesterday as I cruised through the beautiful countryside of Pennsylvania after escaping New York, and battling my way through New Jersey. In fact, the day's journey covered five states, as I zipped through Ohio and into Indiana after Pennsylvania. Today is just three states: Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri.

If my cold doesn't get any worse and I get stopped for the night early enough, there will be some updates from New York on the Xcellent Adventures page. In the meantime, enjoy the holiday(s) and check back later for more news as the cruise around the continent continues. By the way, the odometer passed the 15,000 km (nearly 10,000 miles) mark on the trip last night.