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The latest update as of September 29, 2014

On Vacation - back in two weeks

The five races in five weeks tour is over and now the real vacation begins. I stopped in Terre Haute, Indiana last night after finishing up at the Midwest Nationals near St. Louis, and today it's onward to Peterborough, Ontario. Just a little 1100 km jaunt through a few states, an international boundary, and rush hour traffic going through Toronto. A piece of cake.

For the next two weeks I'll be visiting with my girlfriend's relatives, then spending a week with her in New York city. We'll be having some great adventures there but she's not going to let me spend much time on the computer updating the travel blog or any other pages on the site, so this will possibly be the last update for two weeks.

Don't worry though as we'll have plenty of stuff to show and tell about after she flies home and I start the long drive from New York to Bakersfield for the California Hot Rod Reunion. Until then: happy trails!