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The latest update as of September 22, 2014

On the road again

Monday already, and that means moving day, as in moving down the road again. This time the destination is the "Big Easy" - New Orleans. Instead of taking the easy way there on the quicker interstates, I'm weaving my way east to Shreveport, then following the Red River down to Lafayette, and finally, looping along the Gulf Coast on Highway 90 to my destination in downtown New Orleans. My accomodation there for the next two nights is a rather generic hotel in the business district, but it's just two blocks from the French Quarter and three blocks to Bourbon Street.

My first visit to New Orleans should be a fun time, and for a change, it looks like the weather won't ruin the drive. But it's time to start packing and hit the road east and south. Next update from New Orleans tomorrow. First stop though is at the Brick Street BBQ to pick up some ribs 'n slaw for lunch. Yummy!