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The latest update as of August 27, 2014

One more leg - from Sioux City to Indianapolis

Day four of this epic roadtrip begins in Sioux City, Iowa, the largest and most modern place I've seen since passing through Spokane. It's uniquely situated against the Missouri river and borders on three states: Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota. But it's time to hit the road and keep heading east to that big motorsports mecca known as Indianapolis. We'll arrive there this evening, missing the first day of sportsman qualifying at the "Big Go", but that was unavoidable unless I wanted to drive 1000 miles a day from Vancouver to Indy.

Our next update will be tonight from Indianapolis. We'll also be adding more text and pictures to the travel blog on the "Bob's MORE Xcellent Adventures" page.

LATE UPDATE: We've arrived in Indianapolis but time constraints (ie. lack of) prevents anything more than today's pictures being posted. Maybe tomorrow? You've certainly heard that one before, haven't you?