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The latest update as of October 25, 2012

We've been just too damn busy with real life to be around here much

No excuses, other than the usual. There's just so much time available each day to get things done and when the priorities are laid out in a LOGICAL fashion, this website has to rank lower than most of the ones that really have to be attended to. Like going to work and earning a living to pay all the bills that come with being too ambitious with a car, a home, all the bells and whistles that "we really (DON'T) have to have".

All I really have to do to get this place moving again - any movement at all - is to just set aside 10 or 15 minutes a day, or even better, one hour a day to updating and posting. Easier to do when I'm on the road as I am now in Las Vegas, but just so difficult to make it happen at home without having something else suffer.

As it says on the front page, just go to SpeedZone to see what we're up to on this month-long trip and when there is some free time, as I've found myself with tonight after the first day of the Big O Tires nationals. Starting tomorrow morning it's going to be all hands on deck when the fast cars start running and we have to keep up with all the action and try to snap the occasional staging lane picture between rounds. No photo pass for this event so I'll be hunkered down in the photo dungeon with all the other media peasants.

Then it's off to Los Angeles and on to a plane to San Jose del Cabo for a relaxing week in the sun on the Baja before returning to L.A. for the season-ending NHRA AAA Auto Club Finals at Pomona. And after that... let's not even think about what six months in Vancouver winter weather will be like before the 2013 drag racing season kicks off in British Columbia.