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The latest update as of July 6, 2012

Getting there really is half the fun

Here's the best of a bad lot of photos I snapped of the grazing grizzlies beside the road. We were standing beside the car (ready to flee if we had to) no more than 50 to 60 feet from these magnificent beasts, who completely ignored the excited human presence, and went about enjoying their lunch with nary a glance in our directions. After a minute or two, it dawned on me that being so close to them was not really a smart idea and we decided to leave before things took a turn in a very wrong direction. Maybe if I buy Murdoch dinner tonight, he'll lend me a couple of his much better shots of the bears.

Now I really do owe him dinner as I've "borrowed" his shots for this page (appearing below). For a bit of a laugh, check out the way he described our encounter with these beasts on his website.