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The latest update as of November 4, 2011

Living large and lazy on the Baja in Mexico

It's been quite a whirlwind in the past week. Six days in Las Vegas that went by so fast I barely had time to catch my breath, followed by the drive from hell from Las Vegas to Los Angeles on a Sunday afternoon/evening, a few hours sleep, then on a plane to San Jose del Cabo, a 20-mile drive over unmarked dirt roads in the dark to a stone cottage on the beach, and now.... three days later... in the tourist capital of western Mexico: Cabo San Lucas.

In deference to my friends at home in the Vancouver area, and almost anyone north of California, Nevada or Arizona, I'm going to try not to write too much about the weather except to mention that it hasn't rained, won't rain and if there's even a hint of rain, then hell will truly be freezing over. Of course the only freezing down here is the ice that keeps everything fresh, cold and tasty... like the cervezas, the margaritas, the prawn cocktails.... etc., etc.

We've updated the travel blog (aka: Bobby Thunder's Most(ly) Xcellent Adventures) on the Features page with all the latest news and lots of photos as usual. And the next few days will see even more show up as we're moving up the coast to Todos Santos on Saturday morning for the final four days of the Baja portion of this trip. Then it's back to Los Angeles and (hopefully) the NHRA AAA Finals at Pomona. Stay tuned for more news on that one. Until then: Cerveza Por Favor!