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The latest update as of October 25, 2011

Sin City: We have arrived

After a long, hot weekend at Auto Club Famoso Raceway in Bakersfield, yesterday was another travel day. This time from Bakersfield to Las Vegas. There's several ways to do the trip, most involving a series of major highways and freeways and minimal directional changes. But for Wilson... there's always the road less travelled.... and in many cases, the road MUCH less travelled. Like going through Death Valley to get to Las Vegas.

The journey started slowly by missing the first highway change and ending up on a dead-end street, then it led into the Kern River Canyon and into Sequoia National Forest. Absolutely beautiful drive, but a little on the slow side and a real test of the steering on the trusty Charger. From there the roads got much straighter, flatter and faster and away we went. Up and down through at least three mountain ranges and across a series of deserts, then finally the lights, the neon, the glitter... Las Vegas.

We're here for the rest of the week to cover the second to last race on the NHRA national event schedule: the Big O Tires Nationals at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The weather is fine, even if it is going to cool off for a few days, then get warm for the race weekend. And nothing but sun for the entire week. Where's the pool towels? More news soon and we will have all the pics and some commentary from yesterday's trip posted on our travel blog page later this morning. Check it out at: "Bobby Thunder's Mostly Xcellent Adventures".