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The latest update as of October 20, 2011

Back in Bakersfield

We're now into the second week of this tour-de-farce and we're back in Bakersfield after three days exploring the central coast. So where did all the pics from that part of the adventure go? Well.... it started to get a little out of hand here on the What's New page, so they'e now inhabiting their own page in the feature section. Go here to see the pictures and the stories that go with them. While there's still some work to do on the page (okay, a lot) it's a start in the right direction.

Our focus today is on getting ready for this weekend's 20th annual California Hot Rod Reunion at Auto Club Famoso Raceway. We got there late this morning and spent a few hours trooping around the pits, chatting with lots of old and new friends - hello Bill Doner! - and snapping a few pics of some weird, wild and wonderful race cars. I can hardly wait to see them hit the track tomorrow. For a quick look at what's happening in the Famoso pits, check out the Reunion Results page to see the preview pics, or to see the full photo gallery, go to go here.

Tomorrow is going to be the first day of qualifying, with one session for each of the nitro (top fuel and funny car) classes and it's going to be a long hot one. I for one, can hardly wait. Stay tuned for updates from the track - if the wireless cooperates - and more to come on Friday evening, if we don't get roped into joining the festivities at the DoubleTree Inn.