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The latest update as of October 18, 2011

It it's Tuesday.... then we must be on the way to Monterey

So just what's going on with Wilson these days? One day he's at home in North Vancouver, then it's off on the road, stopping in Albany, Oregon, then Fresno and finally into Bakersfield for three days. Then the next thing we know he's gone coastal, spending a night in Morro Bay, and now he's off to Monterey today and San Simeon tomorrow before heading back to Bakersfield. What's up with that?

It's all part of a long-planned five week drag racing and vacation adventure. While the original plan took a few detours and the odd twist and turn while it is was being developed, it's all come together and so far.... everything is going well. NO speeding tickets.... so far; no glitches with reservations or credentials.... so far; and best of all: great weather - and it's going to stay that way for the balance of the trip, even if I have to go to Mexico to make it happen. Come to think of it... I am going to Mexico, for nine days on the Baja, between the Las Vegas and Pomona races.

And speaking of Las Vegas, the entire motorsport community has had a pall cast over it with the unbelievably tragic happenings on Sunday afternoon at Las Vegas Motor Speedway during the final IndyCar race of the 2011 season. The death of the two-time Indy 500 champion, Dan Wheldon, has left us all saddened and shocked at the incredible scene that unfolded early in the race. Thankfully the event was cancelled and the remaining racers (15 cars/drivers were involved in the massive series of crashes that caused Wheldon's death) did a five-lap memorial parade in his memory. Godspeed Dan Wheldon and my sincere condolences to all his family, friends, fans and fellow racers.

Despite the heavy heart many of us are carrying in the aftermath of that tragedy, life does goes on - it's a cliche, but no matter how dark times can be or seem at times - we simply have to move on and remember that life is short and if you don't take advantage of every single day, and make the most of it, then you may never get to live out your dreams or experience all those moments that take your breath away and remind you of just how wonderful life can be.

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