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The latest update as of July 21, 2011

WARNING: Under REconstruction

Tread carefully around this site for the next week or three as we've pulled it down to the bare frame, spread all the parts out on the work bench and are now slowly rebuilding the site - for the first time ever in it's 14 year existence - in an orderly fashion with every page, image and graphic arranged in a series of consistent and searchable directories. But just what does that mean to the casual visitor to these pages? Not much, but in the grand scheme of things - aka, the world-wide web - it will allow Northern Thunder to be found easily via Google or Bing or any of the other myriad search engines that specialize in finding the most esoteric and mundane things posted on the net.

Not to say that we fit into either of those categories, but NT is definitely a niche site, and will always remain so, updated and constructed and displaying only what catches the webmaster's interest or imagination. There was a time, over a decade ago, when I wanted NT to be all things to all people, and for a while it became a challenge to bring the most drag racing information and news from as many worldwide sources as possible, in an era when the web was just in its infancy. Oh how far we have come since those days, and how far this site has fallen from it's ambitious path over that period.

To that end, we've moved all the moribund and outdated sections of the site to a to-be-done-when-we-get-around-to-it archive that will only see the light of day again when and if it's deemed appropriate or necessary. For now, we'll concentrate on what we do best (and "best" can only be considered in relative terms) and keep on posting our "What's New" updates and adding new race and travel reports on our "Features" page. The "For Sale" section will be reinstated soon as we've got literally tonnes of stuff to move out of the basement to make way for the next tsunami of trivial trash.

As a small replacement for the missing sections, we've added a new "Daily Pics" page that hopefully won't run out of material too soon, and feature our favourite shots from current and past races and travels. Hope you like them, and the continuous stream of new material - as in DAILY - will keep you coming back to Northern Thunder for a long time to come. After you've checked out the latest pic, see what's happening on the What's New page. Apparently there's some sort of Funny Car race happening at Mission Raceway this weekend. We may just have to check it out.