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The latest update as of February 25, 2011

2011 Winternationals race logo

NHRA Winternationals - Day Two

We can pretty much sum up today's proceedings at Pomona with one really short and nasty word: RAIN. Not much to report, other than that they did manage to get through the first round of eliminations for Stock, Super Stock and Super Gas. Despite a few interruptions for rain showers, the sportsman racers got to cut their fields in half and only Super Comp remained pretty much in limbo, with just three pairs down the track before the rain finished the day's on-track activities.

The alky and nitro racers never got out of their pit areas and spent the day fine-tuning their fan interaction skills, as about the only "show" on tap for the day was a perpetual cruise around the pits for the soggy spectators that braved the elements at the fairgrounds. A long day of nothing much. Now you know what put the drag into drag racing.

Since we're really bored today, and if you're here reading this, you must be too, here's something to brighten up your day. In more ways than one. The operative phrase from the video that we've linked to is "a little too much magnesium" and the search phrase I used to find the video clip was "hillbilly fireworks". Can you guess the outcome? At least no one was seriously injured, but the folks from the Darwin Awards should certainly be calling this guy and making him one of the finalists for their next set of stupidity awards. Click on either too much magnesium or hillbilly fireworks to open the video.

More news from Pomona tomorrow. Hopefully it will be more about racing, and less about sitting around watching the rain come down. Stay tuned.

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