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The latest update as of October 20, 2010

"Beunos dias from Villa del Faro, Baja California - 8:30 AM"

Even though I'm writing this update on Wednesday morning, it's going to be Thursday afternoon, at the earliest, before it hits the 'net. As reported earlier, I've somehow managed to lose my wireless antenna (gee, what a surprise, Wilson losing something he really needs.... like that's never happened before.... NOT!) and I really don't want to bother my most gracious hosts here at the villa to use their computer. Besides, in the grand scheme of things, it really doesn't matter, does it?

Yesterday was a bit of an adventure as I ventured off the main highway and drove the 30-something kms of dirt road to this villa on the Sea of Cortez. Successfully navigating the rather "rustic" road, managing to avoid stray cattle, donkeys, crazy Mexican drivers and not get lost - not even once - I arrived at my own little corner of paradise in the early afternoon. After being taken down to the beach cottage I'd booked and brought a cooler with ice for the bag of cervezas I'd picked up enroute, I was left to my own devices until dinner.

With miles of beach in either direction for my sole use - there is literally no one else in the vicinity - save for a honeymooning couple from Australia - and I've warned them to watch out for the naked guy on the beach if they venture out for a walk, I've quickly put all the cares of the "real" world far, far away. Even though the California Hot Rod Reunion is barely three days back in my rear-view mirror, it may as well have happened in a previous lifetime. Here nothing matters, except for the sand, the surf, the sun, the cervezas (and margaritas) and unwinding and really enjoying doing absolutely nothing.

Breakfast is done and I'm faced with a couple of choices: after declining the offer of snorkel gear (just not that interested in something that physical), I can either head two miles south along the beach to the "Crossroads Country Club" (a little shack on the beach with a few tables in the sand) for a cheap and cheerful lunch, or grab the camera and walk north again to snap some pics of the interesting rock formations along the beach and then do some more sun bathing. Or I could just stretch out a towel on the beach right in front of the cottage and have a nap in the sun. Oh, it's so difficult to decide. Just like the choice of beverages: margarita or cerveza? Or both? C'est la vie.

Enough travel talk for now, and I'll sign off with the promise to do some more drag racing related writing in the next few days. If I can work up the energy to do it. We'll just have to see how it goes. Until then, stay de-tuned.

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