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The latest update as of October 19, 2010

"Hola from San Jose del Cabo - 8:30 AM"

First things first: the promised John "Nitro Boss" Hale story will be up later today - and after you read the next two paragraphs, you'll understand part of the reason it's delayed. But it will be coming. However, I've got a few things to attend to right now, like having breakfast, then getting packed and out of the hotel and doing some shopping before heading for my beach cottage on the Sea of Cortes. Now, read on to see what happened yesterday.

There's hardly ever a dull day in "Thunder-land" as yesterday showed. Everything was going fine until I left the San Jose del Cabo airport, then it all sort of came unglued. Nothing major, but two and a half hours of fruitless searching for a hotel that my GPS couldn't find, or even find the street it was on, or anyone could direct me to, including the hotel itself "go to the Pemex station and it's just past the mini market on the corner". "Any particular Pemex station? (I found five of them during my search). Finally took the "any port in a storm" option and spent the night at the Best Western - not a bad place and reasonable.

Then an internet "issue" cropped up. Somewhere between Famoso Raceway and San Jose del Cabo, my wireless antenna has gone missing. I've got the program installed, but without the antenna I'm lost in cyberspace. The nearest computer store? Good luck with that. I'll try the MEGA store down the street after breakfast. Oh well, the weather is great, it's only about 85 degrees already and the sun's barely been up for an hour. Cerveza for breakfast? Could well be.....

And my first impressions of Cabo were memorable. It was just a few minutes past sunset and the sea and the beaches looked beautiful, the desert background was warmly lit by the dying rays of the sun and it was picture postcard perfect. A real Nikon moment. I'm going to really look forward to another six sunsets and sunrises and see what kind of shots I can get with the great lighting here.

One final note before I pull the plug on the hotel room and hopefully get to use the computer I saw in the restaurant downstairs last night to upload this update. My next accomodation for two nights is so "off the grid" that it may be a real test, but I'm dying to see how it goes. There's no TV, radio, phone or electricity. In fact, in the beach cottage that I've booked, there's no indoor plumbing, no windows and the tide looks like it comes up to the front door. Sounds too crude for words? Check it out and decide for yourself at Villa del Faro, and check out the Stone Beach Cottage (click on Casitas on the menu bar). I'll have a full report on the accomodations tomorrow. Hopefully. Until then: stay tuned!

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