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The latest update as of October 16, 2010

"(still) LIVE from (still) Bakersfield - 10:00 AM"

No time for updates this morning as I'm running late as usual and my first allegiance this weekend is to the fine folk at SpeedZone Magazine who have graciously snagged me a media and photo credential for the California Hot Rod Reunion. So to see what I'm up to, click on over to Dean's place and see what we've been covering. More news coming, but it's going to be a little slow in coming here.

"(still) LIVE from (still) Bakersfield - 8:00 PM"

It's been one long hot day - not as hot as yesterday - but still plenty warm, and I'm exhausted. Nearly eight hours at the starting line with that big new camera, half of that time spent on a step-stool to shoot over the heads of the virtual army of "photographers" on hand. Even though the Hot Rod Reunion folks say that they've tried to minimize the number of media people on hand, the numbers here seem all out of proportion to the amount of coverage this event receives, in print, on the 'net, or the other "straight" media.

The show today was so worth the price of admission, with nearly 40 nitro funny cars and close to 20 top fuel dragsters doing their thing in qualifying. Add in 15 AA/Gas Supercharged cars, a dozen A/Fuel (injected nitro or blown alky), a handful of junior fuelers, nearly 30 cars each in A/Gas, Nostalgia Eliminator and 7.0 Pro category, along with a quartet of the wildest fuel altereds on the planet, and a whole bunch of restored and recreated nostalgia top fuel and funny cars. Oh, almost forgot the A/FX class for 60's factory muscle cars. The list just goes on and on into the distance of the farthest reaches of the huge pit area here at Famoso.

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